Crush Your Lightweights

When you’re a heavyweight, you should never get derailed by a lightweight. A heavyweight is a person who has the courage to truly be himself or herself, has the courage to live life without limits, and is a true star. A lightweight is a person who masquerades daily, refuses to truly be himself or herself, tries to destroy heavyweights because envy and jealousy consumes him or her, is always looking for something to attack heavyweights about, lives in darkness but loves to pretend like he or she exemplifies light, and is simply not worthy enough to hold your jockstrap or remove your panty liner. Although you cannot let lightweights distract you, you cannot simply let them keep attacking you either. Eventually, you just have to crush the lightweights that are always running their mouths, always attacking you, always up to no good, and always trying to do undercover things to try to misrepresent or portray you in a way that tries to take away from your greatness so that they can go from invisible to visible. Use your power as a heavyweight to crush them.

I’m not in any way encouraging you to kill anyone. You don’t have to be violent to crush your lightweight enemies. Simply expose them! Do some of the same things they do to show them how it’s done.  Show them your true power. Crush them! Focus on their weaknesses and crush them! You can underestimate your lightweight enemies if you want to. Over time, your lightweight enemies can begin to cause you serious trouble. Therefore, just as when you first begin to see some roaches in your house, you immediately use all things available to you to exterminate them before they metastasize into an unmanageable problem. You have to stop your lightweight enemies in their tracks before they even begin to get going good. Don’t be so arrogant that you think that your enemies cannot have some impact on you. Again, crush them!

You simply got to love yourself enough to go to war for yourself. I try not to punch first but I don’t mind counterpunching (metaphorically speaking).

Again, use their weaknesses to get them off of you for good. Yes, you have weaknesses but, as a heavyweight, you are not seriously harmed by them trying to retaliate against you by attempting to exploit your weaknesses. You can take out your lightweight enemies if you are willing to fully expose at least one of their weaknesses. When you do this, your lightweight enemies are gone for good.

Don’t forget the aforementioned definition of a lightweight. A lightweight’s greatest weakness and greatest fear is being exposed. Expose your lightweight enemies in the many ways that you can and you will not have to deal with them.

As heavyweight, I know that you would just wish that people would not try to attack you, but you cannot simply “wish” and “hope” them away—you have to become the aggressor and let them feel your power. When they feel your power, they will no longer be in your way.  Don’t simply let your enemies be at war with you while you just sit up there looking stupid. You can sit up there and act like you are so above counterpunching—your enemies will inevitably knock you down for the count if you don’t respond to them in a timely manner.

I’ve got five rocks and I’ve not thrown one yet! Sometimes you just gotta fight!

Antonio Maurice Daniels

University of Wisconsin-Madison


  1. Always good to know how to put up a good fight – no matter what weight class you’re in. People are quick to underestimate others at times. You always have to show and give some way that you aren’t weak and always ready for battle. My step father used to say, “Never let them see you sweat” and that’s so true. Don’t show people your weak spot. I’m always ready. Stay ready (even when I’m not).

  2. Depending on who you ask and the day they are having will determine their classification of the type of fighter I am. For some strange reason, some people think I envy them *shrugging shoulders*. There is something great in exercising being unpredictable to others. No matter the classification of the type of fighter that I am, I will always ensure to be who I am and NEVER a falsehood of someone else. After all, I do possess one hell of a counterpunch and still reign as the heavyweight champion in many arenas. Great post! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks, Pampered Sweet Tooth! Counterpunching is unavoidably necessary. I agree with you very much on your comment about envy. People will do that, especially the ones that are not even worthy of being envied in the first place. Thanks for reading and your response.

  3. The funny aspect of this is…most people think they are heavyweights when they are truly lightweights or flyweights. i guess you have to do mad self-evaluation to see where you stand.

    Because what you feel maybe someone else’s weakness maybe something you can’t take advantage of

    1. I agree. There are more lightweights than there are heavyweights. One of the reasons why we don’t have more heavyweights than lightweights is we don’t have enough people willing to muster the courage to do the truthful self-evaluations necessary to move themselves from the trivial to the truth, from the superficial to the substantial. Thanks for reading and your response.

  4. Everyday the feeling that there are 90% lightweights in the world presses in on me like a vice. People seem to find difficulty with being true to themselves, sticking to their mode and just being genuine. Then as you have so eloquently stated they turn around and attack the ones who dare think apart from the hive in this false reality. It gets frustrating and your advice is one that I believe every heavyweight needs to hear – that it is okay to fight these people back and knock them the hell out (not physically lol). I loved this piece and it is right on time after a day like today.

    1. @Greg: Thanks so much! I’m glad this piece was able to offer you something positive with the type of day you had today. The thing that many people don’t understand is they could move from being lightweights if they would simply muster the courage to truly be themselves. Thanks for reading and your great response!

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