Improve Yourself

Revolutionary Paideia Names October 2012 as “Improve Yourself Month”

Improve Yourself

Revolutionary Paideia would like to empower its readers and the world this month by devoting this month to helping people improve themselves.  Therefore, I have decided to dedicate this month to providing you with articles, information and resources to assist you in becoming a better you.  During this month, I hope you find the things on this site to be useful.  The articles, information, and resources offered on this site this month will range from things you can do right now to enhance yourself to things that will take more long-term efforts.

Revolutionary Paideia appreciates its readers and has an undying commitment to changing the world for the better.  The power to change your life lies within you.  You must have a willingness to do the things necessary to change your life.

I look forward to sharing and engaging with you this month.


Antonio Maurice Daniels

University of Wisconsin-Madison