The Spotlight


For many people, they have a great desire to be in the spotlight.  When many of these individuals get their chance to be in the spotlight they fail.  Many people are going to have to learn that they are simply not ready to have the spotlight turned on them.  Each time you have your opportunity to be in the spotlight and you keep failing while in it means it’s not your time to be in the spotlight.  Learn how to sit back and learn from others who are successful in the spotlight more before you try to claim the spotlight.  Some people will have to face the harsh reality that the spotlight is simply not for them.

You also have to understand that having the spotlight all of the time is not necessarily a good thing.  Some people are embarrassing themselves in the spotlight.  The only reason many people have the spotlight is people enjoy laughing at how stupid they are performing in the spotlight.  What may be even more sad than this is many of these individuals don’t know that people are laughing at them, instead of laughing with them.  Don’t become so desperate for attention that you will be willing to do anything to get it.  Unfortunately, too many people are willing to go to extremes to get attention.

If you’re really worthy of being in the spotlight, you will not have to beg or force you way into it.  Most people who authentically deserve to be in the spotlight have an opportunity to be in the spotlight.  Of course, there are many well-deserving people who should be in the spotlight but are not in it.  Many people who do thankless work and who do charitable work go without the proper recognition they deserve.  It is people like those who do thankless and charitable work who need to be in the spotlight and not people who are engaging in a whole bunch of foolishness.

A person is really vain who says that he or she deserves to be in the spotlight, especially when no one else says he or she deserves to be in the spotlight.

Many people who are in the spotlight and have been in the spotlight can tell you that it’s not all good as you think it may be to be in the spotlight.  If you’re always chasing after the spotlight, you will live a completely empty life.  Chasing the spotlight means you’re constantly looking for someone to validate who you are.  You must learn to validate yourself.  Don’t always look for someone else to let you know that you are special.

Don’t get angry when people laugh at you when you force your way into the spotlight and were not ready for it.  Learn to be patient and wait for your opportunity to shine to naturally arrive.

People are not going to think you should be in the spotlight just because you are always speaking the loudest, always feel you need to be the one who’s talking, always feel the need to make a grand entrance when you walk into a room, and/or always saying ridiculous things on your Facebook page just to get attention.

To succeed in the spotlight, you must earn the spotlight.

Antonio Maurice Daniels

University of Wisconsin-Madison


    1. No, you do not deserve to be hit by your boyfriend. You need to contact law enforcement about him hitting you. Domestic violence is unacceptable and you should not tolerate him hitting you. He may desire to gain more of the spotlight from you, but hitting you is not the way for him to receive the spotlight in a legal way. You need to send law enforcement right to him, so he can get the spotlight he deserves: some form of punishment from law enforcement.

  1. I’ve seen this happened to a few people…be careful what u ask for becuz u just might get it.

    Like you stated you must earn it to succeed.

    1. Yes, many (if not most) people really don’t understand the pressures and what it takes to measure up to the spotlight. However, they are the very ones longing to be in the spotlight. Thank you for reading and your response.

  2. Its not about being patient its about being prepared. Your spotlight theory is similar to my leadership theory. Many people want to be a leader but when giving the role they dont know what to do. Being up front isnt about being the most talented, prettiest, smartest or strongest is about being prepared so you dont fall on you fat a**! Its about playing to your strengths and others as well as being able to delegate so that you can work with a group to boost you even higher.

    1. I agree very much with your leadership theory. The spotlight often requires what your leadership theory entails. I strongly agree with you that being successful in the spotlight requires the necessary preparation. The reason why I said that it’s about patience too is gaining the necessary preparation necessitates having patience. Excellent response! Thanks for reading and your excellent response.

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