Too Wired?

Although all of the fascinating marvels of technology have us often spellbound, we need to take some time to reflect critically about how much mental energy we consume while using sundry technologies.  Many people say that they take breaks from their work by playing with their fancy cell phones and logging on to Facebook, but they really don’t think about how they are not giving their minds a chance to rest.  With such a wide range of technologies available to us in the postmodern epoch, we need to give ourselves meaningful breaks away from these technologies each day.

Some people find it difficult to go ten minutes without looking at using their cell phones.  While you may say that it’s not a big deal to spend a significant amount of time using various technological devices, this can begin to take a toll on your health over time.  Whether you realize it or not, the human brain needs rest.  Even when many people are sleeping and about to go to sleep, they have their televisions on and/or have laptops in bed with them.

Are you ever unplugged from technology for a meaningful period of time to rest your brain?

Many people will come home from a strenuous day of work to sign on to their Facebook and Twitter pages, but they do not think about how much mental energy they are investing in their activities on Facebook and Twitter.  With all of the things that you do and can do on Facebook and Twitter, you can add additional stress to your brain by staying on social media sites for a long period of time each day after you end your work day.

Don’t allow our intriguing technologies to amplify the stress you already have.  Of course, you may think that Facebook and Twitter are social media sites that do not have any stress attached to them.  However, there is often so much drama on Facebook and Twitter and things that can upset you on those sites that you will find that you are even more stressed after logging on them than when you left work.

Take a moment to think about whether or not you waste too much time using various technologies each day.  Is your cell phone so interesting that it causes you to neglect your responsibilities?  It’s really not good for your health to have your cell phone up to your ear for long periods of time each day.  Consider taking a break from some technological devices you engage with for a day and see if you are able to manage without these devices.

While social media sites have become widely popular, many people employ these sites to create false identities and to start unwarranted wars with other people.  When you feel like those are the primary reasons you’re using technology, then it’s time for you to step away from technology for at least a short period of time and refocus your energy.  You have to think about how trying to maintain false identities and fight wars through social media sites is not good for your health over time.

Are you too connected to technology?

Antonio Maurice Daniels

University of Wisconsin-Madison


  1. I have to do my detox on the weekends. I try not to watch television and be online at the same time. I rarely think about the energy I use when it comes to being online. I know it can be draining but it’s oh so fun! However, I rarely frequent Facebook and more and with Twitter I don’t tweet much on the weekends to give myself a break. I can just sit online, browse blogs and read articles all day. That’s my trouble.

    1. We all got to find ways to detox. I have learned the hard way about how always being plugged in can drain you. I take breaks from technology each day, including my cell phone, to help to reduce the mental drain associated with these devices. Thanks for reading and your response!

  2. Good post, I tried to go 1 to 2 days a week with out logging into any online accounts or using my phone at all. However, when I do ppl think I’m sad or dealing with a problem. I’m like no, I’m just giving my mind a true break. It’s kind of like driving. When I was a kid I never understood why my parents would say “I’m tired of driving” I mean all you are doing is pressing the pedal. Now as an adult I get it…even the things in our life we use to make it a little easier still takes energy to use. Take a break. Reset.

  3. The whole summer I was disengaged. At first, I thought I was good as dead, but guess what I made it through! It’s hard but not that hard!

    I do suffer from the same sickness as Drew….blog whoring!


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