Memory Will Protect Your Heart


Sad Black Woman

(Photo Credit: Ex-Superwoman)

Psychology teaches us to judge people by their previous actions. While one should forgive people, and forgive them immediately, don’t forget their track record. Even when you’ve just met a person, evaluate his or her words and assess his or her fidelity to those words. Unless you have some type of mental condition adversely affecting your memory, it offers great power to protect you from heartbreak. Listen carefully to what people say and closely observe whether they deliver on what they communicate.

One of the central reasons why an individual must engage in close analysis of what others communicate and their corresponding actions is selfishness often enters the equation. People’s selfishness can have devastating effects. Although you cannot guard yourself against all acts of others’ selfishness, valuing the power of memory permits you to diminish opportunities for falling prey to such selfishness.

It’s okay to trust people—just exercise good judgment. As much as possible, make sure the people you trust have a track record that merits trust. Words alone are meaningless. What real evidence is available to help you determine whether to trust someone? If you ask that question each time you make a decision, you will greatly ameliorate your outcomes.

Memory, an invisible best friend often neglected, is waiting to collaborate with you to defeat those who would attempt to do you harm. Let memory guide your thoughts, your actions, your values, your principles.

Dr. Antonio Maurice Daniels

University of Wisconsin-Madison


  1. At the age of 20 I found out people intentionally hurt others; as a result of this, I began to question how can anyone purposefully inflict any form of pain or discomfort to another.To this day I find myself pondering why I find it so challenging to fully bestow my trust to others. When I interact with new individuals I pay attention to every little detail and collect as much data as possible about them, to ensure that I set proper boundaries so that I may know what type of boundaries to set with an individual. In the current stage of life I am in, I am at a place in my life where I only give a person one time to act with intent to harm me. I understand that it may genuinely be the error of their ways, however my mental,physical,and emotional health means more to me than giving one leisure to cause havoc in my life. This post was definitely worth the read.

    1. A healthy skepticism in interacting with people can produce great results. We have a responsibility to do everything possible to protect ourselves from the harm others can do. The more we gain experience in dealing with diverse people, the better able we are to detect those likely to mistreat us.

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