Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Although many people across America have a significant amount of daily responsibilities, you must find some time to have fun.  Don’t get so busy that you forget that you have a life outside of those things that have you so busy and involved.  Make time each day to engage with something that’s totally unrelated to your daily responsibilities to just have fun—even if it’s just for a brief moment.  You will be amazed at what just a brief moment of fun each day can do for you to release some of the stress that accompanies being very busy.  While one can understand that the things that have you very busy can be things that you enjoy and allow you to have fun, you need to take some separate time away from those things to devote completely to having fun.

Some people have not allowed themselves to experience the fullness that life has to offer.  It’s okay to be adventurous sometimes.  Go out and experience life.  Do something that you’ve never done before.  Don’t get so consumed by your routine that you think that you’re truly living a full life through your routine.  You can be a serious and professional person and still have a significant amount of fun.

Never take yourself too seriously.

You don’t have to pretend to have fun.  Do you know people who will sit up and create lies about things they supposedly have done and/or are doing to make you think they are having fun?  Even when some people have told you that they did not have fun doing something, they will post messages on Facebook and Twitter about how they had and/or are having fun.  Why lie about something like this?  It seems that there are some deeper problems and challenges that people are struggling with that will cause them to resort to telling lies about something like this.

Although it’s vital to find time to have fun, you must understand that you shouldn’t dedicate so much of your time to having fun that you don’t take care of serious responsibilities.  For example, you should not spend so much of your money having fun that you end up not having enough money to pay your rent or car note.  Be responsible about how you have fun.  Some people are always having fun and not doing the important things that they should be doing.

Just because you devote most of your time to having fun does not mean that your life is any better than the person who is only able to invest a more modest amount of time to having fun.  Many people use Facebook to post pictures and location notifications to try to present themselves as people who are “living the life”—when in actuality they are not as happy and not as financially stable as they are attempting to advertise.  Now, in no way does the previous statement try to suggest that all people who post pictures and location notifications about the places they go to and the things they do are posturing—the previous statement just offers an assertion that many people are guilty of doing this.

You can live a fun and responsible life.  If you’re living a fun and responsible life, continue to enjoy your life.  If you’re not living a fun and responsible life, do yourself a favor by starting to live a fun and responsible life.

Antonio Maurice Daniels

University of Wisconsin-Madison


  1. This post is freaking awesome! I am an advocate for having fun and NOT living a one dimensional life. This assumption can be made for workaholics, people that are only about academics and nothing else, and most definitely adults that live sheltered by choice, as opposed to, having social relations and stepping away from what they consider normal, but in actuality is the mundane and simply stated…lame as hell. Nothing like being made uncomfortable to feel comfortable. Great post and thanks for sharing. Saluté to having fun!

    1. Thanks, San! Very good response. I cannot understand why a person would elect to live a sheltered life, especially considering there is so much greatness about life to experience. I always feel that people should be seeking for balance in life, which includes taking enough time to have fun. Thanks for reading and your very good response.

  2. Looks like my type of party at the top!

    I’m all about creating a perfect balance. This post comes at a good time. I’ve been busy focusing on this ‘upcoming projects’ this week and I’m so ready for the weekend. I’m ready to go out and have fun. For more reasons, I can share off this blog though. It’s all about finding that balance. That’s responsibility. Knowing when to work and play. I always say I work hard so I can play harder.

    1. Yes, that looks like my type of party too. Lol! Living a balanced life is essential. There you go with “upcoming projects.” Lol. If people would really work hard, they would have adequate time to have fun. I certainly can feel you about being ready for the weekend to come and have fun because it has been a tremendously busy week for me and I’m ready for the fun the weekend will offer. Yes, I’ve got to hear those other reasons. Thanks for reading and your response, Drew.

  3. This hit home because I do have FB friends who constantly update their status to discuss how much fun they are having. I have said to myself I wonder are they really having fun, or trying or fibbing just to impress people. I always try to have fun, but I keep in mind to stay within a budget when doing so. I see people in the clubs popping bottles, and they know good and well that $150.00 bottle they spent trying to impress a female should have went to their cable bill. Great post once again!

  4. Although I don’t go out or party very often, when I do, I try to do it big. My thoughts of having fun is also making sure the people around me are enjoying themselves as well. “ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none” is always the motto.

    With this past week being so stressful for me, I definitely know that this weekend will be great.

    1. One of the greatest ways to release stress is to devote as much possible time on the weekends to simply indulging yourself in whatever activity or activities that will give you the most pleasure. Life can be very difficult sometimes, so we have to find ways to counter the excessive stress we experience. Although some stress is good for us, too much stress is not healthy for us. Have a blast this weekend! I appreciate you very much for reading and commenting.

  5. Whats funny is that it seems like our society has drawn closer to a society of extremes. Either we are taking things too flaky or taking life as if its a structured math problem. I have always believed the best way to maximize life is balance

  6. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE having fun. There is an unexplainable feeling I get when I am having fun…….

    About Facebook and those that are constantly updating themselves in parties, and what nots……they are just feeling a void called ATTENTION. Shoot me, but that’s what it is!!!


  7. Love this post. I work exceptionally hard in order to take care of my children. I play exceptionally hard in order to take care of myself. If you find a post on facebook or twitter and I say I am having a great time, you should try and find me.

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