Accreditation and Fake Online “Universities”


Diploma mills and fake online “colleges” and “universities” are increasingly rising (Noble, 1998; Noble, 2002).  A number of phony online “institutions” advertised online are unaccredited and defrauding people.  Revolutionary Paideia has reported about one of these fake “institutions,” Rochville University.  The accreditation and reaccreditation process is engaged in to protect the public’s trust in a degree.  Many online universities are legitimate accredited higher education institutions.  Two examples of legitimate accredited online higher education institutions are Walden University and Capella University.

Before you invest your time and money in obtaining a degree completely online, be sure to check with the United States Department of Education and/or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) to ascertain if the online institution of your choice is accredited by the Department of Education and/or one of the legal accrediting bodies (which one can find out by going to the CHEA website).  On the CHEA website, one can find papers, videos, resources and etc. about accreditation and diploma mills.

Additionally, Craig Mayfield has published a valuable explanation of accreditation at  Once on the site, scroll down and you will find his work on accreditation under the section, “All About Accreditation.”  You will be pleased with the information Craig Mayfield provides about accreditation.  He even provides information about the legal accrediting agencies.  Legal accrediting agencies determine which institutions will be accredited and which will not be accredited.

It’s important for degree-seekers to understand they cannot receive a legal accredited degree by receiving all, most, or a substantial credit for “life experience.”  When you see “life experience” advertised in exchange for a degree, you need to know someone is attempting to scam you.  Don’t be fooled!  Too many people have contacted Revolutionary Paideia about being scammed by fake “universities,” so please don’t become the next victim.

Dr. Antonio Maurice Daniels

University of Wisconsin-Madison


      1. Woodbridge University is calaiming 100%online degree and offering 75%ferdral scholarship from the government of USA.The university adminstration is advertising that this is accerdited by IAO ,NAFSA and IACEP.

  1. Would you mind checking Mayfield University website for me?

    It claims to be a 100% online university and a self-paced study program which enables you to earn your Bachelor’s Degree as soon as you can get it, even as soon as 4 months if you are fast enough to finish all the courses, i doubt this so-called self-paced study. But the website is designed nicely and says it is accredited by the Distance Learning Quality Assurance Agency (DLQAA), Global Accreditation Council for Business Education (GACBE), International Accreditation Council of Engineering Professionals (IACEP).

    Your response will be appreciated.

    1. Mayfield “University” is a scam. It’s not a real online institution. The individuals behind this scam are cheating people out of their money, especially in the Middle East. They have made up some fake accrediting agencies. The website is designed in a way to attempt to make it look legitimate but it is not.

      1. Can the authorities not get bastards like Mayfield University for fraud? I mean they go for fraud cases all the time, of much lesser value I might add…and I can only imagine what they’re charging people.

  2. Just spoke to their online chat idiot, Nigel….asked if I could have address of campus as he claimed they have an actual campus, in addition to online studies. I guess this numbnut hasn’t understood some of the basic features of google maps, because the address came up as some Ghetto in Kentucky. When pressed further he passed me off to some address in Australia. At least that building had a Logo on it (not bad photoshop I might add). These guys are absolute morons who need to be shut down. Hopefully the authorities get them before some dude pissed off at being ripped off, goes hunting. The address given for your own Google map amusement…359 South 6th Street, Mayfield Kentucky. When questioned on why none of the ‘accreditations’ of the school were searchable with any results (be it Governmental sources or others)…he ended the chat.

    MORE IMPORTANTLY: People interested in earning an online degree, do your homework and research the institution of choice before throwing your money into it.

    1. Thanks for the information. I entered to that website today and made an inquiry. When I found out this blog, I told him the scam I found regarding the university. That man
      intimidated me that he said he could sue me for giving false claims and said that I will be blacklisted by all schools in U.S and Canada. 😦 Hmm…is there anywhere we could really checkout if the school is accredited or is there any advice of what we action we can take so that the authorities will look into matter like this? I just wish that more people are aware of scams and don’t get cheated. Thanks.

    2. Thanks for the information. I entered to that website today and made an inquiry. When I found out this blog, I told him the scam I found regarding the university. That man
      intimidated me that he said he could sue me for giving false claims and said that I will be blacklisted by all schools in U.S and Canada. 😦 Hmm…is there anywhere we could really checkout if the school is accredited or is there any advice of what we action we can take so that the authorities will look into matter like this? I just wish that more people are aware of scams and don’t get cheated. Thanks.

    3. This number called me but i was sleeping, i googled it and it lead me to the article!! THANK GOD. I was thinking about mayfield as well for undergraduate then i opened facebook and their page online had 140 likes which was weird for any university. Plus the guy helping me with the application kept nagging that i have to pay $300 right now or else he will cancel my application, i told him i have to see with my parents then he was really rude and told me he will not help me anymore.

      Do you know a good university that offers undergraduate bachelors for business?
      I applied to london school of business and finance but they havent replied yet, is it good? And what other universities are good for a bachelor degree?

      1. This is great to hear. I would recommend Troy University, Walden University, and Capella University. You can check those three out first and then if you would like more recommendations, I will be glad to provide you with more.

  3. The Australian address for Mayfield: 2-10 Camberwell Road Hawthorn East Victoria 3123. Google that and see the picture…maybe they teach 4 month adnavced courses in Photoshop? Just saying.

  4. Sorry for so many postings…I stand corrected. The image that Mayfield University gave me for Australia is in fact a legitimate learning institution in Australia, but no affiliation with Mayfield The logos are very different as are the academic teachings. So in fact, Mayfield U can’t offer advanced Photoshop, only a potential PHD in bullshit.

  5. Thanks Antonio.. They asked me to provide Visa card details through the chat box… my god..and the ccv no…

      1. Guess what happened. They phoned me again this afternoon and said everything was set. I told him ( Sebastian) that I spoke to the Embassy and he immediately replied he can’t hear me he will phone back. I do have is surname as well as another woman’s name and phone numbers they use from USA, Belgium and Saudi Arabia. Still waiting for call.

        1. I very much appreciate you providing this information because it is vital for others to know it. From my research, many of these individuals have terrorist associations. If you do get a phone call back, come back to the site and share the information. Again, thank you!

    1. That number should be avoided and not used. There’s no telling what type of data they will collect from those who call them at that number. One has to be reminded that many of these fake and unaccredited “institutions” have terrorist associations.

    2. I have to share this as I was so close to fall for Mayfield the guy called me and when I asked where u are he said LA checked the time in LA 11pm nuts!!! an
      y way as I am in the UK he spoke 1h to convince me and I kind of was until I realised 14000 reduced to 6000 and then to 1600 and then to 600 and then just enrol for 199 dollars is not real!!! also the guy’s accent initially tried US then went a bit non-US until I realised it was fake and he couldn’t keep of his indian accent so God knows where they’re based!! Glad to find this website its just so difficult to find any thing in life sciences (biology/ genetics..) degree!

      1. You might want to look at online degree programs from more traditional schools like University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Arkansas, University of Michigan, and etc. for Life Science degrees. I am glad that you were able to benefit from this site.

  6. Is there any advice you could offer in respect to agencies or some level of law enforcement this site (Mayfield) can be reported? They have gotten a little smarter and have now actually created websites for their fake accreditation associations…complete with president messages, chapters around the world (which is kind of funny, because only they suggest Chapters of the organization – whereas legitimate Accreditation organizations do not use “Chapters”). To those less net capable these sites could appear real…even though they are all designed the same and have no database power, to the unsuspecting, it could and probably does lure them in and take their money. Surely there must be something we can do to get these guys exposed, arrested and off the net?

    1. First, these fake institutions have to be reported the Better Business Bureau. Then, they should be reported to the U.S. Department of Education as fake institutions. Then, they should be reported to CHEA. Finally, and most importantly, until someone gets a lawyer involved, these fake institutions will continue to exist.

  7. Thank you guys for this information, i already applied for Mayfield university but not paid yet, do u have any information or trusted universities for online study for PhD program.
    Thank you

  8. Thank you for the information. I just nearly also got caught by these guys. Mr. McCain and Jay Brown! They are very very good and well prepared to scam people out of their hard earned money. You saved me with your blog! Thank you again.

  9. Are there any accredited universities that will award a Phd for past work. I already have three degrees including a Masters and I have since written a researched book. Can I get a Phd awarded based on all this from an accredited university?

    1. Andrew:

      You will not be able to receive an accredited degree for past work you have done. Some institutions will give you a few credits for past work you’ve done, but you will not be able to earn a Ph.D. solely based on your prior work, including your research-based book.

  10. I have been negotiating with Mayfield University over the phone about a Phd for sometime. When I tried to check the California addresses using google earth they did not check out. Then they started to really pressure me to pay up the amount they quoted which they reduced twice to further entice me. So I decided to research them further and found this site. I checked the Better Business Bureau and they had not record and many other scam sites do not list them but this site fairly strong suggests they are a scam. I have decided not to proceed because of the information on this site so I hope its all correct If it is thank you very much for alerting me.

    1. Mayfield University is an unaccredited university. You can always tell legitimate universities by whether they allow you to use federal financial aid. Mayfield University is a fake. As an academic researcher in the area of online universities, I know the legitimate ones from the fake ones.

  11. Does anyone know of a legitimate University where I can apply to have a Phd awarded based on a fully researched book I wrote. I already hold 3 degrees including two Bachelors degrees and a Masters but I am not an academic and I would like to get a Phd without any further studies.

      1. Okay but I was wondering why I regularly see politicians, celebrities, businessmen and other high profile people awarded honorary degrees and even professorships? What is going on there?

        1. Honorary degrees are given to people who are high-profile and who have done some well-known things, primarily as a way to get them to give money to the institutions. They have no real academic merit; they are just certificates of recognition. They are allowed to be special professors for a certain period of time to bring attention to the schools. Most of these politicians have master’s and law degrees too, so they do qualify to be professors.

  12. i just received a call just now.these fuckking bastards are so well trained that they want to make the decision on the spot.

  13. Thanks Antonio for yout information, but unfortunatly I already paid two weeks back and I just found your blog today, and I trying to get my money back. hope I could

  14. Extremely delighted that I came across this site as I was negotiating with Mayfield. There were just to many flashy pop ups and immediate chat screens flashing on their site, It absolutely shouts a warning when they are so eager to immediately phone you to get on board!

    1. I am glad you paid serious attention to the many warning signs about Mayfield. I want more people to understand that there are many legitimate online universities that they can get degrees from. I’m glad that this site was helpful to you.

  15. They called me just now and they mentioned that they want to know if I am eligible for their scholarships or not. LOL, I was in the hospital back then.Can’t talk much so I just hung up the phone.

  16. I was glad to see this piece. I wrote a few blogs about the problems with these institutions. I unfortunately worked for Florida Metro. Univ. for five years. i have seen the scam at work. In this case their was an actual place. But when the students did get their credentials they were not very valuable. Read my blogs and you will see a lot of stuff about the scam.

  17. Hi everyone,
    I had a chat with of the guys from mayfield which was followed by a call from there side. However, reading this blog has made it clear that it is a fake stuff moreover, as one of the person mentioned before.. if we check contact us details in the site.. its Blank..!! A big thanks goes to Mr. Antonio for posting all the relevant details which proves mayfield is a fake thing..

  18. Thanks for the useful article and the comments followup.
    This might not be relevant to your article, but since you are an expert in online education I thought I’d ask you.
    I have a Master’s degree in Education from Australia followed by 1.5 years of teaching in secondary schools. Although a registered teacher in Australia, the authority in charge of migration does not assess my case because they require 4 year Bachelor and my 2 year Master’s degree is not enough.
    I’m looking for a legitimate university anywhere in the world that gives me credit for my Master’s degree and awards me a Bachelor’s degree in Education. I’m happy to do a few subjects (even up to a year of online education).
    Do you have any suggestions for me?

    1. No problem. You might want to check with Liberty University, Troy University, Walden University, and/or Capella University to see how much credit they will give you. If you don’t get the type of responses you want, then let me know and I will offer you some more institutions.

  19. thank you so much .. I really i appreciate it. I was about to enroll in thier courses .. I saw thier google Ads While i was searching for Educational things , anyway I loged to the website and i sign.. less than 1 MN they called me and told me about almost everything,, after that they asked about my Birthday , I told them in saudia we use diffirent calnder .. cuz I didnt feel fine with thier quastion.. then he asked my for my cirdet card number and date .. I told him I dont use it i left itat home and im at work now .. then i saw this and im really thankful .. Thank you Antonio

  20. Hi
    please help me to know what are on line universities approved in UAE.
    also please comments on below list
    1. Grant Town University
    2. Al-Arab University
    3. American MidEast University
    4. Nixon University
    5. American Gulf University
    6. Alkhalifa American University
    7. KingsBridge University
    8. Kennedy University
    9. NorthernPort University

    1. These are all fake “universities.” There are a few people sitting at their home computers designing websites to look like legitimate online universities, but these are not real universities; these are scams. I recommend that you attended accredited online universities with a long history of being accredited by superior accrediting bodies. I recommend you attend Troy University, Walden University, Capella University, National University, Columbia Southern University, or Argosy University.

  21. Hi Antonio,
    I am thinking of continuing my master education next year and I need your advice on this. Is Concordia University – Portland & The University of Sheffield accredited university? I’m planning to furthering my studies in Early Childhood Education programme and still looking for accredited schools that support online learning. It will be great if you would suggest me more options. Thank you 😀

  22. Brother you were right about his universities they are all fraud including fort jones university,Mount lincoln university and many more

  23. Hi thanks for all the information…recently I responded to FB ad of uni offering MBA program…It is Mount Lincoln University n I believe the calls are made from outside the US. They claim to be located in Houston, Texas..offering on line programs….they ve impressive website and claim CNN have carried news broadcast about their programs..however the Media report in the web site is not accessible..I’ve been chatting with them but seem suspicious about the information provided

  24. There is another university going under the name of GIBSON UNIVERSITY. Same fake ammo as i have read above about Mayfield university. FAKE UNIVERSITY. SCAM ARTIST. Kindly beware of this GIBSON UNIVERSITY. Pass on the message so that others don’t fall for this SCAM

  25. Dear Antonio
    please tel me about below mention 2 universities

    Branton University
    Robert Moris University

    1. Yes, it is a legitimate institution with a physical location near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It would be recommended by the United States Department of Education and not the United States State Department.

  26. Hello, keep up the good work. Is al Arab university fake? My sister enrolled paid and is now waiting for her degree after completing the required modules. I am a bit concerned though ?

    1. No problem. Al Arab University is a fake “institution.” She needs to contact a lawyer to recover losses and damages. It’s the same type of phony scam by the same person(s) responsible for creating Mayfield University.

      1. August 14, 2014 at 2:50 pm Sid says:
        Hello, keep up the good work. Is al Arab university fake? My sister enrolled paid and is now waiting for her degree after completing the required modules. I am a bit concerned though ?

        Hi Antonio,

        The above was posted by my sister for me.

        I registered with Al Arab university last year , at first i was asked to pay USD 699 as registration fees and then USD 1899 for tuition and over the phone i was promised i wouldn’t have to pay more but after a month i get a call and was asked to pay extra USD 1899 for equivalency and if i dont pay then il have problems later on. since i could not find anything against this university online , i paid.

        i finished the course in aug 2013, i could’ve done it within a month since the ‘exam’ was just true or false questions. I was promised on many occasions and even on mail that i will get my attested degree in 30-45 days but i got it after 4 months . The degree is not attested but along with that there is a certificate from Cairo university for ‘ writing scientific research’ which i haven’t done and don’t see the point of having it.

        I was naturally quite upset and complained , i got a call and told off the agent and wanted answers as to why was the university not transparent and did not mention any thing about the other certificate, in return he got personal and was rude /sarcastic.

        In the past the same agent had promised on the mail that if im not satisfied with the degree they will refund the fees but now the same agent is telling me they wont give any refund and that he wont even ask anyone else to help me as im quite difficult to handle. Apart from all this he is denying a lot of other things done by them. He even said i can do whatever i want i wont get my refund and that the university’s image is pristine.

        The only reason i am writing to you is so that people should think 10 times before enrolling with them. I probably wont get my refund but at least people would know about this university.


        1. It’s a fake “institution.” The only thing I can suggest that you can do is to report the charges as fraudulent to your bank, and say that you didn’t give them authorization to charge you. Be sure to pass the word to others about those out there who are scamming people out of their money by offering fake degrees. Refer people to contact me through this site before they make a decision about an online institution. Thank you.

  27. Thanks a lot for the info. You just saved me from Mayfield university and their scam. Please any info on university that offers Software Engineering online.


    1. Arizona State University, Colorado State University, Drexel University, Florida Institute of Technology, National University, South New Hampshire University, Champlain College, Post University, Stratford University, Walden University, Herzing University, ITT Technical Institute, Strayer University, and University of Phoenix are some of the accredited universities offering degrees in Software Engineering online.

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