Rochville University: A Scam

This rise of phony degree granting institutions is certainly an unfortunate social reality. People can sit back in the comfort of their homes and create a “university” and attempt to sell you a degree. While the highly educated and socially aware among us know about these diploma mills, I am tremendously concerned about the lesser educated among us. Many marginalized and socially and economically disadvantaged people are not aware of the difference between phony online universities and legitimate ones. The purpose of this article is to bring attention to phony online universities, and to offer a brief report about my scholarly and empirical work on fake universities, especially Rochville University .

The American and international public does not have a deep understanding about accreditation. Accreditation is a voluntary and formal way of ensuring that institutions are providing their students with the quality education they claim to offer. Accrediting agencies have been entrusted with the responsibility of resolving what institutions are meeting their promulgated goals. Accreditation protects the public trust in an institution. When a college or university elects to offer degrees without accreditation, please know that you are obtaining a degree from an institution without any value and credibility. When a college or university claims to be accredited by an accreditor without any recognition, this is a phony “institution” that will waste your money. These institutions that promise you to be a Ph.D. in 24 hours for a certain amount of money are simply trying to cheat you out of your money. You will not be considered to a Ph.D.—trust me!

Rochville University is one of these fake institutions that I have been investigating for over two years now. I was able to purchase a high school diploma for my grandmother by simply submitting her resume and paying $239. The high school diploma package comes with 1 transcript, 1 Certificate of Participation in Student Council, and unlimited verification for schools and employers of one’s attendance at this institution. Rochville University claims that it can legally give you a diploma and even a degree—all the way to a Ph.D.—based on life experience. People please do not believe this because you need to know that only a small number of academic credits can be awarded to you for your life experience.

What may be even more problematic is two accredited universities accepted the phony high school diploma that I purchased from Rochville University. Troy University (formerly Troy State University) and Walden University accepted my grandmother into their universities. She was able to attend both of their institutions online with this bogus high school diploma. She was able to receive federal financial aid at these institutions too.  This means that accredited institutions like Troy University and Walden University, institutions accredited by the same accrediting agencies great universities like the University of Florida, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Albany State University, and the University of Arkansas are accredited by, need to be more probing in investigating the credentials of students during the admission process.

I do not want people to think that I am attempting to disparage online universities and for-profit universities. There are many respectable online and for-profit institutions available. I do, however, want the American people and the international community to be aware that there are fake universities on the internet. When it comes to receiving a valuable degree, please know that you cannot simply purchase one online.

Dr. Antonio Maurice Daniels

University of Wisconsin-Madison


    1. I have an accredited degree from Rochville through study and some life experience. My accridation is signed and noterized by Hillary Clinton. I have no problem contacting them at any time” my degree is recognized anywhere. Are you sure there aren’t more than one Rockville ?

  1. Phony degrees are not just disturbing but also it’s a wake-up call for us to understand some people would take desperate but dishonest measures to pay their way to get a degree (so much for genuine grads having to work their heads off getting theirs through merit and hardwork really). It’s happening everywhere.

    1. Antonio, Great job exposing a certificate mill, You will have to be a person who can’t get into a good collage. tell everyone they have B.S and a M.S when they only know what hey read, I have never seen a certificate from the person, an Archeologist, I didn’t even see where they taught it. They only ask for $12,000 when the really good places it’s over $300,000. What a waste of money, If I am going tp pay I want to learn.WHAT A SCAM!

    1. Name some of the courses that you actually took from Rochville University. Name some of the professors you had while at Rochville University. Can you provide some syllabi from Rochville University? Did you receive your DBA through all life experience credits? Do you know that Rochville University is accredited by a non-existent body? Thanks for reading and your response.

      1. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has become a supporter of Rockville and when she is out of office will sit on the board of Trustees Things have changed It is now a legitimate Degree . Thank you for concern

    2. I am a graduate of Rochville through study and some life experience. I have no problem contacting them at yay time. My degree is signed and notarized by Hillary Clinton and is fully accreidated. Are you sure there aren’t two Rochville University’s ?

      1. You are a Doctor but cannot spell the plural of university?! Away with you, idiot! Bloody scammer friend. Allah will deal with you corrupt Pakis.

  2. Hi, I lost a great job with the juvenile dept. because i used my so called degree from rockville, which turn out to be nothing. if their was a way to sue these people I would be amoung the first in line. Not only did it cost me a good job but now i dont trust any online schools. I have been unemployed for 3 years now because law enforcement wont hire me and I am too old to try a real college. If you want the truth email me at I will help you save your money.

    1. James, I have conducted extensive research on Rochville University since 2009 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and have found that the people who created this scam of a “university” may have serious ties to terrorist activity and terrorism funding. I very much appreciate you for reading and for providing your feedback.

      1. Hi Antonio,
        I am holding higher community college associate degree in mechanical engineering since 1990 and when I applied to Rockville they accepted my college credit hours in addition to my job life experience. In 1998 obtained my BSc degree of sience in mechanical engineering from Rochville I am shocked how comes it’s fake!! my certificate attested & notorized by Department of State in addition attested by US counselor & foreign embassy in Washington DC.. What should I do now I have more than 18 years of Professional works experience other than 100’s of attended course hours , workshops, seminars …
        I am holding a high managerial position at the company works with them almost 8 years…
        couldn’t find at Troy University an engineering program. Please advise what should I do.

  3. I actually have a degree from rochville and did have to take some classes via internet from them and transfer credits from Henderson State University. I am shocked at what I have been hearing when I logged on tonight to get there address. I have been a working man in the HR field with it now for 3 years. I am completely shocked and do not know what to do.

    1. If your workplace is focused on you having an accredited degree, then I would highly recommend that you quickly enroll in an online program at Troy University, Capella University, Walden University or some other established universitiy that can provide you with an accredited education. Rochville University continues to scam people. I deeply regret that this phony universitiy has scammed you out of your money.

    2. This is a completely fake post. Rochville has never offered a class in the life of the “school.” They are nothing more than a sham.

  4. Please help me. What can I do? I am the victim of this university, and were paid 1303 dollars for more than sixty days, but in the end I discovered that they do not respond to messages or respond refund money or send the certificate

    1. Contact The Googasian Firm, P.C., by calling 1-877-540-8333; they can help you with this situation. Additionally, file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau too. I hate that this has happened to you. From my research, the individuals responsible for this fake university have terrorist connections.

  5. I received my HS diploma and associates degree from Rochville because due to unseen circumstances I got myself pregnant junior year of HS. I was able to complete highschool up to Nov. my senior year but then had to drop out. Does this mean that my HS diploma is not real and I have to get a GED? I was in a vocational school for HS so also received my Associates in Early Childhood Education and am very frustrated after reading this post and feel like I am at a complete loss. Any suggestions would be amazing! Thank you!!!

    1. Unfortunately, your high school diploma and Associate’s degrees are fakes. Rochville University is not a real school. The creators of Rochville University are scamming people out of their money. I am engaged in research and have found that many organizations do not check out the credentials of Rochville University and accept diplomas and degrees from this scam of a “university.” Troy University will accept Rochville University’s “credentials,” so I suggest enrolling in Troy University online while you can get an undergraduate degree, using the diploma and degree you purchased from Rochville University while you still may have a chance. I hate to bring this news to you but you and many others have been robbed by the creators of Rochville University.

  6. I paid for my HS diploma tons of money because I couldnt get my originals back in Argentina…… I was trying to enroll in EMT class at FAU in Florida when I found out it was a scam……….. Just Plain Scam….

    1. This is very unfortunate. You are one of many people who have been victimized by the people responsible for creating this phony “institution.” Share this article so that others will not fall prey to the same fate. I’m doing all I can to get the word out and plan to do more.

  7. I am deeply concerned at what these sharks have scooped too. My business is centred around ethics. I received a Doctorate in Wildlife Management from Rochville. I specialise in the development I have just got an email stating they have accreditation form the US Educational Department!!! I have 45 years in conservation related matters here in South Africa. Where, and how do I apply now for an authentic degree on the basis of previous learning experience? I received a call saying my degree is valid on the basis of previous learning (apostile!!!?) & to check with my government! Very confusing to say the least!

    1. I hate to be the bearer of unfortunate news, but you cannot get a valid degree by receiving your degree through life experience only or even mostly through life experience. Now, you can receive a valid degree through “prior learning credits.” “Prior learning credits,” however, are obtained by taking assessments, presenting portfolios, and etc. For prior learning credits, you may want to look at Thomas Edison College online. The individuals behind this scam of an “institution” are robbing and tricking so many people into giving them their money in exchange for diplomas and degrees that are not valid. If you need more help, I’m more than willing to offer you the assistance.

  8. i am from australia i was conisdering to buy a degree from affordable degrees working on behalf of Rochville University.Is it a scam or really a degree.can u ever buy a degree that is real.please help antonio

    1. Rochville University is a scam. It’s not a real university. It was created by individuals in their home with terrorist connections who are scamming people out of their money. You can never buy a degree that will be valid; therefore, do not waste your money on buying a degree. There are, of course, a number of institutions that you can attend completely online and receive a valid degree: Troy University, Argosy University, Liberty University, Columbia Southern University, and etc. Thank you for reading and your response. If you need more information or help, just let me know.

    1. Yes, Rochville University has been verified by U.S. agencies as a scam with probable terrorist associations. It’s not recognized by any official accrediting agencies. No one should be fooled out of his or her time and money by Rochville University. I have even engaged in academic research on Rochville University and have found it to be a scam.

      1. Dear Antonio, I have joined Mayfield online University recently for a Associate degree online program. Is this university is good or fake. As i am from middle-east like to know more about this university, if you have any information, pls mail me

        1. Mayfield University is a scam. You need to ask for your money back or file a fraud claim with your bank to get your money back. Mayfield University is not a real university. Mayfield University is a scam ran by a few people sitting behind in computer screen in their own homes.

  9. I will have to admit, that I fell for this scam. They furnished me with boards of accreditation through more than one Board. I more or less was lead to an understanding, that I had quite enough life experiance to apply toward my degree. What a dope I was. They just started sending e-mail to try to rub it in with a bogus government attestation for X-amount of dollars. I called the number they left, and of course before I could finish, they would not answer my questions, and hang up. Anyway to force a response ? Thanks for being my sounding post. Any options left open?

  10. It’s sad that Rochville is not real…. I have a masters in Christian Studies and used my life experience from Rochville to get my MBA. I’ll still try to get a job and maybe act surprised if they notice it….. What a waste of $$$…

    1. This is truly an unfortunate situation. I am working to bring down this fake operation known as “Rochville University. ” I suggest you get a lawyer involved to make an attempt to recover your financial losses. Those responsible for Rochville University have committed fraud, which can entitle you to recover lost damages.

  11. I’ve enrolled in Rochville University and awarded Bsc in Computer information Technology. I’ve requested for my credential for the past two years but no response. Any time i log in my details for comfirmation, i only receive a blank space. What should i do my company need my credential before i start work

    1. I’m sorry to inform you, but Rochville University is a scam. You’re going to need to get a lawyer involved to attempt to recover your financial losses. You’re going to need to explain to your company what has happened. You will need to let them know you thought you were getting a legitimate degree. I hope that you will be able to work things out, and you may want to go ahead and register with an established online degree program at Troy University, Argosy University, Walden University, Capella University, or etc.

  12. I have my certificate in Bsc in computer information Technology. I’ve requested for my credential for the past two yrs but no responses. My company need my credentials from Rochville university. What should i do?

    1. Take the work hours from your employer and find a CEU. in all of the courses of review and pass the required credentialing test. Show them that you have your BSc. It’s not illegal to be issued educated that is not accredited. However. You do have the right to followup with an official collage and take the CEU. with an credentialing board of study to pass their test.

    1. Sure. Go to The Council of Higher Education Accreditation’s website and type in this school and you will not find it. This fake “school” has told me and others that we can simply pay for our PhDs without taking any classes, which further indicates this is a scam. It’s unaccredited and the fake accrediting agencies are not listed with The Council of Higher Education Accreditation. Don’t waste your money unless you work for them.

  13. I just want to add. No matter what degree you get in the U.S. You do have education rights to maintain accredited studies. However, all whom have received their Rochville Graduate papers. Have the option to follow it up with an accredited college and enroll in CEU courses. Not all online colleges are fake. You really need your employer to back up your work experience and if awarded an life experience degree. Any court will want to know how have you maintained your academic position. Find out the career path the accredited university, the credentialing board, and pay to take the courses. Get a couple of CEU as well. As long as you attend an accredited program to follow up where you left off or to advance your current education. It’s all about money. Accredited Education is not cheap. Serve your position awarded and just keep advancing. Good luck….

  14. Is a rochville university degree recognized?
    Rochville is an accredited online university which means that the degrees awarded by Rochville are accepted in all US States and abroad.

  15. My name is James from Africa. I received a degree from Rochville university which I used to apply for a job but was later booted out from the institution in 2012. But surprisingly today 28 June 2017 I got a call from an unknown number claiming to be from USA embassy in my country that I should contact Rochville university to forward my scripts, time papers, thesis and other relevant credentials to US Education department for my degree to be validated as the school has received official approval and accreditation by USA Education department. Please Antonio help me out how true is this information. You can reach me through my email address

    1. Hello Antonio. compliment of the season.
      Could you please kindly cross check if Earnest Hill University is genuine and accredited. Thank you

  16. I enrolled in Rochville University, paid $1100 to get a high school diploma took all these online classes. Then took a BS and became a secondary teacher. I pad a lot more money for that. After being in the school system for a while, the school board came to tell me that my high school diploma and my BS are not even real from Rochville and they are not reconizied by the Louisiana Department Of Education…I can no longer be a teacher…😩

    1. Sorry this happened to you. I encourage everyone to investigate thoroughly every online institution being considered. When you were pursuing the undergraduate degree, you didn’t consider using federal student aid? It would be at that point where this fake “institution” would be exposed.

      1. Okay. There are several different types of Accreditations Agencies. However, what you have received from Rochville is an experienced degree. The degree has to be matched with former education in advance toward your experience. It should also have been made proper with the correct official documentation for continued education. You still can get this done. Then, contact a college or program that will accept your academic background and experienced degree. it’s not fake.

        1. Sorry, Shelly, but you’re simply misinformed about this issue. “Rochville University” has been proven across the nation to be a fraud. In 2006, I ordered and received from Rochville University a high school diploma over the telephone for someone who is not even eligible for one. I’ve conducted scholarly, academic research exposing those behind this group as being connected with terrorism and other unseemly phenomena. While there are several accreditation agencies, one does not receive credit and recognition for an unaccredited diploma/degree and for attending an unaccredited institution. Also, be sure that the accreditation agency is real and accredited itself. You simply have to do your research.

          1. antonio you are correct, this whole school is a scam i spent thousands and thousands of dollars been going through the school for over 6 years to find out that nothing of the school is real they are NOT accredited by the louisiana department of education so everything i done and paid for is not even valid I’ve done my research and they are a scam…

        2. Our U.S. Constitution provides that NO law shall be made prohibiting such free expression regarding religious education.

          “I know that anyone with a validated degree by anyone of these mills can attend more accredited academic courses. It’s not just religious. Now, I can not express anything else about this. Take the Degree you have get it validated then, update your resume and enroll into an accredited career field that will advance your experience. It does not hurt to continue your education. We all have to learn and nothing should stop that process but, in fact it should continue the education role of developing less crimes in our communities at large.” The Best of Luck to you all whom hold a Rochville validated degree. If you do not properly search for what you want you will never find it. Rochville University offers non-governmental education degrees. They all were closed here in the U.S. because many of thousands of students in every state started buying these degrees and abused them. To get ahead. But, none of them continued their education. You must not abandoned the rules of continued education. governmental or non governmental. Some people are trained by doctors for years and never attend one day of class. They are experienced professionals but have no degree or former education. Licensed professional can teach you and sign a certificate of completion and any state will honor that. but, even that must be followed by accredited continued education. You have all types and kinds education sources for people with different directions. “Don’t ever give up on education.”

          The following quote is taken from the web site of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA):

          “There are accrediting organizations that may not be recognized but are not accreditation mills.
          For example, the accreditor may be seeking recognition, but the process is not complete.
          Or, the accreditor does not meet the requirements of CHEA or USDE for reasons that do not relate to quality.”

          The following quote from the United States Department of Education:

          “It should be noted that some institutions have chosen not to participate in the federal student aid program and therefore
          do not have to be approved by an accrediting agency recognized by the Department. While these institutions do not appear
          on the Department’s list, they may be legitimate schools.”

          This quote from the former executive director of the Association for Biblical Higher Education (an accrediting agency recognized by the United States Department of Education), stated as follows:

          “There are hundreds of Bible Colleges and Seminaries in the United States and Canada that are offering good solid theological training, yet they are not accredited.”

          The problem is that government recognized accreditation is exorbitantly expensive which results in complying colleges and universities having student expenses as high as $100,000 or more, in tuition, costs and fees for a 4-year degree. This restricts many of the less financially privileged, from enrolling in the BIG colleges and universities that hold governmentally approved accreditation. However, Colleges and Universities that choose to hold accreditation from governmentally non-recognized accrediting bodies or Christian educational accountability organizations and educational ministry membership associations like IACEA, are thus enabled through financial feasibility to meet a huge need in providing education to the masses at up to 80% or even 90% in financial savings when compared with the BIG colleges and universities that hold Regional or National accreditation under approval of the government/ secretary of education/CHEA.

          *In addition: Public College tuition, costs and fees are averaging up to $50,000 for a 4-year degree, compared to just $2,000 to $10,000 for quality, governmental unrecognized degree programs. This represents a savings of up to 90% for public colleges and up to 98% for private colleges over the total costs of attending governmental approved (private & public) BIG colleges and universities.

          Non-Governmentally Recognized Schools
          Non-governmentally recognized schools are those who have non-governmentally recognized accreditation. However, non-governmentally recognized college and university credits are often accepted in transfer to governmentally approved colleges and universities. The major difference between governmentally approved and non-governmentally recognized colleges and universities is that colleges and universities not recognized by the government, do not qualify for student loans. But, when a student can save up to 90% on tuition, costs and fees, there is no need for a student loan anyway.

      2. Now they have proceeded to put the balance they said i owe them on my credit dropping my credit score….

    2. Reading these comments about Rochville U makes me sad for everyone who was taken advantage of by this non University. I too bought into the “dream” of having a degree via life experience from them years ago. To hear how some gave actually lost what was acquired by having a Rochville U degree. Fortunately I never received or used my degree, I only received the letter congratulating me on completing my degree. I did provide them with real transcripts for previous college and university course work and a documentation for work and life experience. I still ened up finishing school at a real bricks and mortar 2 year college and I am glad I did. I am fortunate I am doing well in my career.

  17. Good job exposing another certificate mill, I had a friend that says he got his degree, B.S and a M.S, I knew he is no that smart, He said he got an Archeologist Degree and has wrote books, If you read them they are about the same, I was there when his friend had his fathers papers showing what the signs meant, He says the State of Utah calls him to go look at stuff, I doubt that, I was looking to get some education, I have a Electrical Engineering Degree. But I retired and live in an area that has a lot of old markings, I asked him for a cheap school that I could learn Archaeology he never gave me a school, so I looked up his profile, Rochville was his school, I know he never paid $12,999 3 times to get a degree worth the price of Toilet paper. I see a place that has not been recognized by the BBB, it makes me wonder so I did the research, I have never seen a certificate, So Thanks for exposing a SCAM!

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