Georgia Connections Academy: A Free Online K -12 Charter School

Georgia Connections Academy

If you’re looking for an alternative to public K – 12 education that is free and does not require you to leave your home, then you might find Georgia Connections Academy to be a great choice (visit the school here: Georgia Connections Academy).  Georgia Connections Academy offers a challenging curriculum, including honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses.  With the amazing advances in technology, you now can receive a quality K – 12 education in the courtesy of your own home.  If you’re a K -12 student reading this piece and you’re not having a positive educational experience at your current school, share this piece with your parents or guardians and have them to consider transferring you to Georgia Connections Academy.

Georgia Connections Academy is authorized by the Georgia State Board of Education and meets the requirements, policies, standards, and procedures established by the Georgia Department of Education that all other public schools have to follow.  You will receive an accredited high school diploma.  The credits you earn at this virtual school are transferable.  96% of Georgia Connections Academy parents are satisfied with the helpfulness of their children’s teachers.

If you’re at one of the lowest performing K – 12 schools in the state of Georgia, such as Wilcox County High School (see “Nine of the Lowest Performing Schools in Georgia”), you and your parents may want to consider enrolling in Georgia Connections Academy.

Don’t let your negative perceptions about enrolling in an online school prevent you from receiving a high quality education.  For many of you, the education being offered by Georgia Connections Academy is far better than what you’re getting now.  The 2012 – 2013 school year at Georgia Connections Academy begins on August 8, 2012 and ends May 24, 2013.  Limited space is available, so act soon!

Antonio Maurice Daniels

University of Wisconsin-Madison



  1. Thats an interesting program…and some kids or many kids can benefit from a home schooling like this. Also they can learn discipline…

    Thanks for sharing

    1. True. Parents who want their children to receive a highly quality education while having a greater influence on how they are disciplined can really appreciate and benefit from having their children attend a virtual school, especially one like this one with a proven track record of success. As always, thanks for reading and your response.

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