Got a Crush on Someone?


I’ve been wanting you for a long time.

When you have a crush on someone, it can be a beautiful thing.  Having a crush on someone can make you appreciate nearly every aspect of him or her.  You may find yourself lusting over pictures you can find of him or her, especially pictures you discover on Facebook.  Finding the courage to speak to the person can be a difficult thing: your nerves can often get the best of you.  If you want to move your crush on someone beyond it being just a crush, then you’re going to have to defeat your nerves and pursue him or her.  You’ll never know what can develop between you and the person until you pursue him or her.

You may find that the person you have a crush on feels the same way you do.  He or she may have been battling the same nerves you have been combating.

If you let a person you have a crush on remain single too long, you may lose your opportunity to be with him or her.  It’s not guaranteed that he or she will always be single.  Don’t let someone capture your happiness by snatching up the person you want to be with simply because you didn’t have the courage to let him or her know your true feelings.

Yes, having a crush on someone is a fun, beautiful, exciting, and interesting phenomenon.  As adults, we cannot maintain the same attitudes and behaviors about our crushes as we did when we were children.  I’m not saying that some attitudes and behaviors we had as children will not work, however.  For example, it may be useful to give the person a short note that simply says, “I like you.”  If you do this, the person will know how you feel about him or her and this will begin the serious and thorough discourse that needs to take place about how you truly feel.

When you’re having a conversation with your crush, don’t feel childish because you cannot keep yourself from smiling and laughing.  The difficulty you’re experiencing holding back your smiling and laughing indicates that you truly like this person.  If you’ve ever been in love with someone, think about how smiling and laughing were common phenomena you experienced.

In order to overcome how nervous you may be about pursuing your crush, you might need to embrace the idea of taking risks.  You’re going to have to take some risks if you want to receive some high rewards.  You will be surprised at how relieved you will be once you simply disclose your feelings about the person you have a crush on to him or her, even if you don’t get the results you desire.  You will not have to wonder what would have happened if you would have let the person know how you feel.

Go ahead and let the person who you have a crush on know how you feel about him or her before it’s too late.  You’ll thank me later.

Have you ever had a crush on someone you had a challenging time expressing to him or her how you feel?  Did you overcome what thing or things were preventing you from expressing your feelings?  If so, how did you overcome what was keeping you from expressing your feelings?  If you did not, why do you feel you weren’t able to overcome the thing or things that held you back from expressing yourself?

Antonio Maurice Daniels

University of Wisconsin-Madison


    1. Lol! Yes, I’ve had crushes on people before in the past. I’ve never been nervous long when it came to making efforts to pursue them. I always feel confident when I like someone. I feel like I have nothing to lose when I have a crush on someone. I know what I want and I go after what I want. Lol!

  1. I’ve had a crush on a person and was nervous to say anything let alone approach him. Finally I said something and he showed interest. I gave him my number and he never called. I see him from time to time and pretends he doesn’t even know me.

    1. You’re going to need to spend some time communicating with him to present him with opportunities to say it first. You also need to intentionally establish conversations that are directly on the subject and establish situations that lead directly to the subject. However, don’t play the game of who says it first for too long. He might not be around for too long.

  2. I have a crush on someone. His name is Aaron and I tell him that I like him one night. He says your beautiful, your my type and I will take ya out one day. We’ve talk a lots. We stay up late texting. He went to Dallas and didn’t text me for a day. And this morning he text me and say -” I will leave you alone ’cause you have bf”. I broke up with my bf couples week ago because we have a fight. And I don’t know what to do. Any advices?

    1. I highly recommend that you call him and give him a full understanding of the truth. It seems that he does not have a full understanding of the truth right now. He seems to think that you have boyfriend when you do not. He may even be saying that to let you know that he thinks that you still have feelings for your ex and thinks you’re not ready for a relationship with him. Have an honest conversation with him, preferably in person, but over the phone will suffice. Let me know how things turn out. Thanks for reading, your response, and for reaching out to me for help.

  3. PLEASE DO READ-There’s a girl whom i have a huge crush on and it has turned out to be a true feeling of love.It has been 3 years since im trying for her. We were in high school n we were classmates. At dat time i didnt find d courage to tel her bout my true feelings.i always used to think/dream about her day n night.I den found her on Facebook n sent her a request .At dat tym v had finished our schooling n Even after v had finished our schooling(3 years bak),I didnt hav her in my contact but i used to msg her on FB.I waited for her to confirm my friend request but she never did nor she replied me bak.Den recently(6 months bak)i made a new account by some other name n sent her a friend request again.Dis tym she added me on d fake accnt i had created.I mentioned my real name to her n i went on chat n i told her about my feelings.i told her dat i hav a crush on her n i really liked her alot n i had a true feelin for her and also dat i have been tryin for her since a a very long tym.N i told her dat v can still b friends(JUST friends)…She replied me bak vid a single sentence- “Have a gr8 life ahead.All d best” . i den felt dat she didnt hav any interest in me n didnt want to talk to me. but I never gave up.I was very desperate about her.I felt dat i must have to get wat i want or wat I love.I constantly used to send her msgs.n in d last msg i told her dat i really loved her alot n i cant live vidout her.I also told her dat if she didnt feel d same way i felt for her or if she cant b vid me,i jus wanted to meet her or talk to her atleast for 1 tym.She never replied me den n she blocked me so dat i cant find her again.i den lost al my hopes.I realised dat v were never meant (or made) for each other.Den i got 2 knoe dat she had shifted to some other town n even i hav gone abroad for my further studies now.I tried alot but couldnt get her out of my mind..i still think/dream bout her day n night.Always wish if i could hav got d chance to b vid her..I regret dat i didnt let her know bout my feelings earlier ven v wer together…i didnt find d courage to do so at dat tym.I have her photographs n i always luk at dem n think bout her.I really miss her.I tried alot but I cant forget bout her and I also dont want to get her outta my mind …i want to keep her vid me in my memories forever. WHAT CAN I DO?I know dat mine is a strange(but a really sad)story.I jus wanted ur concern or ur suggestion.plz help me.Thank you for reading and please do reply me.I cant forget bout her but how can i overcome dis n still be happy??PLZ GIVE ME SOME ADVICE.THANK YOU

    1. Thank you very much for sharing your story. We have to learn to let go of things. I truly believe you have to let go of her. If you do not let go of her, you will have a very unhappy life inevitably. Invest your focus in someone new or something new. When you think about how much you love her, think more about how much she has no interest in you and how she’s not interested in even talking to you. You have to start viewing your love of her as a fairy tale because it’s something that will never materialize. I hope that you find closure.

  4. Thank you for your advice Sir.i know d fact n i know dat i cant do nythin except to get away from her thoughts n memories.Im tryin alot but u know, its really difficult to jus forget someone whom u really love more dan anythin.i find it really difficult to forget her n move on in life. im not able to get her outta my mind.shes’s always on my mind n i always jus think bout her.

    1. It may be a good idea to seek some counseling to help you to overcome this challenge. If you have any religious associations, you might want to seek help from a religious institution. Keeping talking out and writing about your problems. Journal about your problems. I have found when I’m dealing with great challenges (especially those that are stressful), it’s tremendously beneficial for me to write about them. I certainly understand how difficult it is to move on from someone you love. Try to establish a connection with a friend to give you an opportunity to express yourself about this challenge.

        1. In Psychology, they call it narrative therapy. I have found that getting my emotions down on paper or computer helps to reduce the negative emotions I have about a person I have trouble letting go. It may take some time but writing about that person, especially what makes you angry or disappointed about the person, helps you to slowly gain the proper perspective about moving that person to a place in your life where she does not become so difficult to deal with in your mind and heart.

      1. thank you very much for your advice sir.i hope that your suggestion will help me to be relieved from dis pain n move on

  5. Hi there! So I am just a pathetic middle schooler who’s been crushing on a guy all year. So I have it bad. He is kinda sorta flirty with me (has been most of the year) but I found out he’s moving to another state during the summer. Anyway, I need to get the nerve to ask him for his number. Now, logically this would mean simply asking but I’m afraid to seem weird and feel like I need some verification. :/ My idea was to say something like “Hey, so I know you’re moving, and I really wanted to keep contact and hear about *insert state here*(<<Sorry, didn't want to put his info out there, stalker watch) so do you think we could exchange numbers?" But IDEK anymore. Plus I legitimately can not move on. -_- I have tried and this is new for me because I've had 'crushes' before, but I moved on without a second thought. Now I am afraid to lose him to another girl and he's not even mine! I feel like it's borderline obsessive or something and to be honest I would be scared probably if I didn't love the feeling I get around him. So basically I want to know if I should attempt to pursue or move the F along. And if you respond with something like 'move your focus to something else you like' I am going to flip because we are so similar. My friends legitimately can't think of one thing bad about him or any guy whom would be as perfect for me as him. "( And neither can I. He's amazingly talented musically, I swear he's a genius education wise, quite athletic and fit, nice, adorable, sweet, kind, cute, funny, caring, etc *insert just about every good character quality* and just about everything I have interest in reminds me of him so yeah. I just don't know because I've never been scared of not getting a guy or losing a guy *just occurred to me how awkwardly well this goes with Demi Lovato's song Heartattack*(this isn't pride or cockiness here btw, I'm a forever alone single pringle XP )

    So basically, if you can just put my mind at ease a bit on this I would be pretty much forever grateful. 😀 OH! If you have any questions/need some clarifications I'll be happy to oblige. Again, Thank you!!

    1. You’re going to have to muster the courage to communicate with him directly. He’s leaving soon and there’s not much time left. I understand how difficult this can be, but life presents us with times when we have to take risks and do things we fear. Let me know how things turn out and feel free to ask me for further advice.

  6. Okay, 15 yrs. ago when I was in high school, me and this guy *Bob have always had a crush on each other but we never said anything. Fast forward a few years ago when Facebook first started we got back in touch and flirted a little every time my long term boyfriend and I were having issues. Now that this longer term relationship (6 yrs.) has officially ended for good, we have been flirting so much. A few yrs. ago Bob moved about 5 hrs. away. But he often comes into town for family and friends. We saw each other about a month ago when he was in town and ended spending the night together. Since then, we have texted each other, all day every day. The texts range from how was your day, whatcha doing to heavy flirting. He even makes some random comments like “did you wanna get married this year or next”. Since then we have seen each other whenever he comes into town and have spent the weekend together, some nights we have sex some nights we would just watch movies and hold hands. We still communicate on a daily basis. A few days ago he sends me a text saying “I have a huge crush on you”. What does that really mean? I know he has always thought in the back of his mind that at some point me and my ex would get back together (as we often did) but I am so done with my past relationship. I’m very ready to move on. Is there anything here with this old high school crush?

    1. I think you should explore this more because I think there is the potential for a great relationship to emerge. One thing I know for sure is you will always wonder “what if” if you don’t explore this more. Give it a strong try and do it with great confidence.

  7. I Joined Campus Recently And During This First Year First Semester I Hav Had A Strong Crush On A Fellow Comrade Though We R Doing Different Courses….We V Neva Tokd Or Even Said Hi To Each Other We Bump Into Each Other Quite Often This Meks Ma Heart Wonna Stop Nd Weneva I Don C Im I Fil Sik, Kip Tinkin Of Im Nd This Has Med M Even Disclose Tis To My Roomates They Tell M To Tek De 1st Muv Bt Am Afraid…Am Clueless Of Wat He Fils Abt Me..I Knw So Much Abt Im That I Wuld Hate T If He Discovers I Stalk Im Coz I Don Wonna Sound Lyk A Stlker Bt I Tink I Do “lov Im” I Don Knw Wat To Do Bt My Ego As A Woman!!! Also Don Want To Sim Wierd…Help

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