Sometimes You Need to Cry

Black Man Crying

I’m not shame to cry in front of you!

Many people see crying as a weakness.  You’re going to face times in your life when you will need to cry.  It’s healthy for you to cry occasionally.  When you allow yourself to let the tears roll down your face, this can be a moment of emotional and psychic cleansing.  This moment can also provide you with the clarity you need in your life.  Do not, however, allow crying to become your answer to all of your problems—let it be a part of the process of how you deal with many of your problems.

Even for those of you who say you don’t need to cry sometimes, it’s time to stop fooling yourself—you need to cry also!  Don’t let your “tough guy” persona or “strong woman” persona cause you to end up at the nearest insane asylum.  Life presents us with many heartbreaking and vexing experiences.  We have to be wise in our response to those experiences.  Shedding tears during the process of handling heartbreaking and vexing experiences can be cathartic.  Your tears have the potential to help you to see that things are going to be okay and a brighter day will come.

Your tears can cause you to engage in the critical thinking you’ve not given yourself time to do.

In no way am I advocating for us to turn into a nation of crybabies.  When you overly rely on crying, you end up losing the power of engaging in an appropriate amount of crying.  You can make yourself seriously ill by crying too much.  You will find that crying about everything will result in you feeling quite depressed often.  Crying is not a solution to your most challenging problems.  It is, however, a part of the process of successfully addressing many of your most challenging problems and it’s crucial to the healing process.

Have you every cried yourself to sleep?  Did you wake up feeling better the next morning?  I’m sure you felt at least somewhat better, considering your tears allowed you to release some of the emotion invested in what led you to cry in the first place.

If you experience a moment in public where you have to cry, don’t feel horrible about it.  Your emotions are your emotions.  You can always quickly excuse yourself to a restroom or private area (if one is available).

Recognizing that you don’t have to be afraid to cry in front of people is recognizing it’s great to be yourself.  If you’re too embarrassed to cry in front of people, you’re too embarrassed to simply be yourself.  What a shame!

People are going to do things to you that will make you cry.  Your enemies are going to do things to you that are going to make you cry.  Don’t think you’re weak when you feel compelled to cry.  Your crying is going to assist you in defeating the negative things that made you cry.

When you feel the need to cry, go ahead and do it!  Crying can be a vehicle for liberating yourself!

Antonio Maurice Daniels

University of Wisconsin-Madison


    1. Thank you so much! Very good question. We should start with a basic understanding that every negative experience does not require tears. One must trust his or her natural emotions to lead him or her about when it’s best to cry. For each individual resolving when to cry will differ. However, everyone should consider shedding tears when tragedy strikes. Making the right decision on this issue involves one engaging in serious critical thinking and self-examination. In a postmodern America characterized by great violence, we need more people to increase their emotional intelligence. This starts with doing the necessary critical thinking to understand the current state of one’s emotional well-being and creating a plan for how to improve it. Crying should be done in moderation. I very much appreciate you for reading and commenting!

  1. Good post man. I’m not a fan of crying, but I understand there is a need for it at times. Cry can soothe the soul in some cases too.

    1. Thanks man! Yes, there is a time when crying is necessary. Crying can also help many people stay out of jail, especially if they have out of control emotions. It can make a person pause and think before he or she makes the wrong decision.

    1. Real men cry because we have feelings and emotions. I’m glad you’re not afraid to demonstrate your feelings and emotions. You’re a real man. Thanks for reading this piece and sign up to have my blog posts emailed to you the moment they are published.

    1. Obviously, you suffer from mental health issues. You must deal seriously with your mental health issues, including your anger. Please attempt to offer a plausible explanation for why you made the comment you did. I’m willing to help you to obtain the mental health treatment you need.

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