Own Your Frustrations

Don’t take your frustrations out on others.  If there are specific people causing you to be frustrated, then direct your anger toward those individuals—not everyone else.  You have to learn how to take control of your emotions.  Your emotions are your emotions.  Don’t force everyone around you to have to deal with your problems.  When you’re having an unpleasant day, you shouldn’t try to make everybody else have an unpleasant day.  We can learn a significant amount about ourselves when we begin to think critically about how we handle being frustrated.  Just because you’re frustrated doesn’t give you valid justification to make drastic decisions.  When many people get frustrated, they start to acting like it’s the end of the world.

You have to understand that things are not going to go well for you every day.  If you’re an adult and claim to be mature, then you shouldn’t have to be told that everything is not always going to go well for you.

It’s okay to be frustrated from time to time—being frustrated is a normal part of the human experience.  You shouldn’t be frustrated all of the time, however.  If you’re frustrated all of the time, then you need to seek professional mental health treatment.  People should not shy away from getting mental health treatment.  One of the fundamental purposes of mental health treatment is to empower you with the ability to be in more control of yourself.

Don’t allow a frustrating day to become a serious crisis.  You have to understand that some things will happen and you will need to move on from those things.  Sitting around having a pity party is not going to change anything about your frustrations—it will only make things worse.  It’s very unattractive for you to resort to the most extreme measures when you’re going through frustrating moments.  People will begin to think that it’s best for them to not be around you.  You don’t want people to isolate themselves from you simply because you fly off the handle every time you’re frustrated.

Learn how to handle your problems responsibly.  If you need assistance with conflict resolution, please seek professional assistance.  You may even find it useful to speak with mature and successful people around you who can give you counseling about how to better deal with conflicts in your life.  If you’re always overreacting to problems you have in your life, then there’s something truly wrong with you mentally.  It’s okay to admit that you have mental problems.  By admitting that you have mental problems, you can get the help you need to address those problems.

Again, we all have been frustrated before.  Of course, we all would love to never experience frustration.  However, we know that we can never eliminate experiencing frustration.  How we respond to frustration is much more important than being frustrated.  Acting responsibly and maturely when you’re frustrated can help you to develop into a better person and allow you to discover things about yourself you didn’t even know.

Make every effort to stay in control of your emotions. Stop overacting.  Live responsibly.

Antonio Maurice Daniels

University of Wisconsin-Madison


  1. I had a friend because of her obvious bi-polar tendencies we are no longer friends, but that was her decision. Every little thing she became an emotional wreck, and when I look back at all the things she used to do, I came to the conclusion she is in the early stages of bi-polar. I also have a child hood friend who just recently demonstrates signs of paranoid schizophrenia. Mental illness is real, especially in the black community but it is also taboo. We refuse to discuss it, and a lot of times family members refuse to get the person help. The person who is suffering from these symptoms also refuse to get help. . I was thinking about writing about this issue, when I have the time.

    You on fire Antonio with these excellent topics! Keep up the good work!

    1. Lawd, we have to pray for these bi-polar people. I’m more concerned about those people who don’t want to admit that they have mental problems and just fly off the handle all of the time. At least some people are willing to admit that they have mental health issues, but there are many more who need treatment but have too much pride to get it. You should write a piece about this topic. I will be very much interested in reading the piece you do on this topic. Thanks!

  2. Urrrrrrrgh! Why do you have to always make sense?! Sometimes its good to frustrate others with your own frustrations. My heart’s bpm is regulated as a result.

    1. Lol! I don’t always make sense, or at least people tell me that I don’t always make sense. Lol! It’s good to let people know we are frustrated from time to time, but not to impose our frustrations on other people. Imposing our frustrations on others is simply unfair and will cause people to not want to be around us.

  3. Controlling your emotion is all about maturity no matter what your age. However I will say some people take on their frustrations out on the ppl close to them b/c they can make up with them.

    1. Very good point. Some people do take out their frustrations out on people close to them because they know they can make up with them. People who do this, however, should not desire to intentionally hurt those who they are close to simply because they are frustrated.

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