The Protein Shake Struggle

While this is probably the least serious piece I have ever composed, I thought that I would share my horrible experience today with you. For those of you who drink protein shakes, I know you can understand that these phenomena are quite horrible. Although this is not my first day drinking a protein shake, I had the most difficult time getting this protein shake down today. I tried everything that I could do today to get this protein shake down and finally did! It took me from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. to get this protein shake down!

It is quite amazing the phenomena we are willing to do to keep our bodies in great condition. I have to drink one more of these shakes tonight and hope that I do not have the same struggle that I experienced early today. I know my reader is wondering why I am wasting time composing such an article, but it has a larger significance: It causes everyone to think about the phenomena that they consume and how he or she cares for his or her health.

We have to become more conscious about taking care of our bodies. Although I am having fun with my struggle with drinking my protein shake today, I understand how important it is to helping me to achieve the physique I desire. I am making tremendous progress toward my goal of achieving a highly muscular body and being in tremendous shape and health. I have discovered that what is most critical to moving toward great health is having the mental commitment to achieving great health. Once the individual makes up in his or her mind that he or she is going to have great health, then he or she will do what it takes to accomplish this feat.

I hope this article will help those of you struggling with protein shakes to be better able to drink them after reading this article. If it does not, I hope that it will add some level of comfort that you are doing an essential deed by drinking the protein shake. It is my desire that companies will begin to make protein shakes that are better tasting, while not sacrificing the effectiveness of the shake. My deepest support is with all of you protein shake drinkers!

Antonio Maurice Daniels

University of Wisconsin-Madison


  1. I’m gonna guess you were drinking some Isopure or Mesotech, both being disgusting in their own right. Might be time to switch to the tasty stuff like some Muscle Milk or Myoplex. when it gets nasty (and it still does) I switch it up by making it either super liquid or super thick like a frosty. The change in texture makes it easier to get down if you’re used to drinking it one way, or you can use it as a drink with some fruit. Get inventive when it becomes a struggle, nobody says you have to drink em the same way everyone else does.

    1. I’ve gotten really creative since the time in which I wrote this piece. During the time that I composed this piece, I was drinking Amplified Mass XXX from GNC and I’m still drinking this same product. It was really rough drinking this stuff when I first started, but, as you said, one must get inventive with drinking protein shakes. Man, you are so right–putting some fruit in it really helps. I also had to learn that the more one thinks about how nasty the protein shake is, the more he is going to dislike it. The taste of it is much better now but it’s not the best thing in the world, though, as you know. Lol! Thanks for your recommendations, for reading, and your very helpful response.

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