Why Demanding Better Education is Paramount for Our Children

Young Children Ready For School

Arming a child with knowledge early in his or her life will position him or her for continued success. Not only does a great educational foundation provide the skills for a child to reach his or her greatest potential, but it also cultivates a better future society. Our children first learn the most from their parents, and they must lead by example to help the next generation. Parents know how significant their jobs are, but they can only do so much.

When deciding on a school for their children to attend, parents must devote serious attention to the quality of teachers and administrators at the institutions they consider for their children. Parents have a right to demand that schools create environments where students can thrive academically. Students will not, unfortunately, thrive academically in schools that don’t have effective teachers and administrators. Here are some phenomena to contemplate as you attempt to prepare your child for academic success.

Education in Early Life

It makes sense that investing in the education of a child builds a more prosperous and peaceful citizen. Those who have some kind of educational foundation are more likely to commit themselves to academic excellence and the notion of the life of the mind. A school system that continually challenges a student will lead him or her to see the value of lifelong learning. With a better education and more efficient ways of assessing our children’s abilities, more of them will feel valued. This will certainly lead to a more productive society. In children’s early learning, assist them in discovering their distinctive beliefs and worldviews. Early learning should be fostered by their own curiosity about the world, with lots of support, validation, and hints offered.

New Ways of Learning

As the saying goes, “Out with the old, in with the new.” We need to focus on alternative means of assessing our children’s academic growth. If you’ve ever taken a standardized test, you know how mind-numbingly painful it is to stay focused and regurgitate all the information you were forced to memorize. Students need new ways of being evaluated, such as oral exams or presentations. Modern schools are becoming better at employing new methods and strategies of imparting new material. Observe the ways in which your own child responds to different methods of learning, such as visual, auditory, and tactile learning, and identify ways you can address his or her needs inside and outside of the classroom.

Online Education

Online schools are increasingly becoming attractive options for parents for their children’s education. Not only are college classes held online, but entire K-12 schools are now online. These types of organizations are especially advantageous for those who don’t have easy access to a school, or children who want to be homeschooled without having their parents as teachers. Online learning also has the benefit of being directed by the student’s own curiosity. Some K-12 online schools offer field trips and community resources that allow for social engagement and community learning, as well as an individualized pace.


Ensuring the next generation is equipped with the tools essential for educational success is our responsibility. With some sweeping educational reforms, we can empower our children to evolve in a society where they are ready to ameliorate it persistently. Parents should lead the effort to advocate for the educational reforms necessary to improving American public schools dramatically.

Dr. Antonio Maurice Daniels

University of Wisconsin-Madison


  1. Thank you for promoting a general awareness to such a fundamental issue. It’s clear that the old educational system do not fit the new reality we are living in.

    I’m not sure finding alternative ways of education, as online education is socially constructive for the young generation. The social foundation of the formal education system do promote some social need a that any kid require for the sake of integrating later on in a healthy society.

    Potentially, if we admit a change is needed. We, as a society, can take the positive aspect of the existing system and construct a better one.

    I will be happy to hear your opinion in the subject.

    1. Online education is an alternative, not necessarily an alternative fit for every student, but it is an alternative that should be invested in for those students whom it works for and whom find it to be empowering. Many students, including many young students, find online education to be an apt fit for them. Too often we assume that something magical happens in many physical classrooms, but, unfortunately, too often nothing substantive occurs in many physical classrooms.

      1. I completely agree that online education is a relevant option, as a tool used as part of a bigger system.

        In many cases, it could be perfect for person that already have the capacity and understanding of how to learn new things. For the young population, the physical classroom is serving as well as a tool for inquiring social skills and group interaction. In my opinion, the need for a physical class is needed for the young and adolescent age.

        The classroom is also important in any teaching of subjects that requires practical and physical interaction. Without any doubt, the tool of online courses should be an essential part of the new educational system. From the other side, it should be seeing as a tool out of many and not a solution.

        I’m aware of a few program that are developed these days that combine an online personal teaching system that can be imply in a classroom.

        It is important to remember that on a social level, the need to put our children’s in a trusted institution during the day is supporting the work availability of their parents.

        We are and will always be social creatures. It is our force and it develop progress. Please share with your opinion. It is a very interesting subject.

  2. Dear Antonio, I find your post very wonderful and promoting the right values for a better education. Our children’s are our future, it is our responsability to equipe them with the right tools for life.

    I’m in the process of writing a series of posts that promote the ideas of constructive education. I believe we are sharing the same ideas. Awareness is the key for progress. Let me know you opinion.


    1. Thank you so much! We need more serious national discussions about educational reform, and then we must move to action in implementing data-driven, evidence-based reforms into our schools, especially in schools that serve the underserved. In a new evaluation system, teachers and students should have greater opportunities to be rewarded for creativity. One of my greatest disappointments with education at every level, including higher education, is the lack of a serious space for real creativity to be included into the work of students and teachers.

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