10 Characteristics of Right-Brain Learners

Right-Brain Learners

(Photo Credit: IMG Fave)

The following is a list of ten characteristics of right-brain learners:

  1. Right-brain learners think intuitively and respond well to open-ended activities.
  1. Right-brain learners employ a common sense approach to problems.
  1. Right-brain learners remember faces.
  1. Right-brain learners make subjective statements.
  1. Right-brain learners are spontaneous, impulsive, flexible, and creative.
  1. Right-brain learners solve problems through synthesis.
  1. Right-brain learners express themselves candidly.
  1. Right-brain learners prefer essay tests.
  1. Right-brain learners lack a strong sense of time and structure.
  1. Right-brain learners see “the big picture.”

Antonio Maurice Daniels

University of Wisconsin-Madison


  1. This is very interesting. I’m curious, how can someone determine whether or not that are considered a left or right brain learner?

    Is it based solely off of whichever one they match more characteristics with?

    Thanks and keep sharing such valuable information.

    1. Hello, Jay: Yes, one identifies as a right-brain learner or left-brain learner by resolving whether he or she possesses more of the characteristics of one over the other. Thank you very much for reading and your support.

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