Jesus Didn’t Die to Condemn You: The Gospel of Grace

Black Preacher

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One of the primary reasons why many churches are doing an ineffective job of evangelizing is they fail to reverence the Gospel of Grace in their teaching (if any teaching is going on at all) and preaching.  When Jesus died on the Cross for all (past, present and future) sins, we were given a chance to live in the freedom of His Grace (Romans 6:14).  For those who repent of all their known and unknown sins (Romans 10:9-10), they’re given Salvation and eternal life in Heaven (John 3:16).  With the gift of Salvation comes freedom from condemnation for past, present and future sins (Romans 8:1-2).  When you accept Jesus as your Lord and personal Savior, you’ve been set free from condemnation.  You no longer should be sin conscious; that is, you no longer should live in fear about sin and/or feel guilty about any sins (Hebrews 10:2).  When one does sin, he or she can be forgiven by repenting of the sin (I John 2:1).  At the moment you receive Salvation, you’re no longer under the Law of Moses; you’re now going to be led by the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:18).  The Holy Spirit will now teach you all things (John 14:26), and you will no longer need human beings to teach you everything you need to do, think and say (Galatians 3:25).

Grace is Jesus Christ.  Grace is unmerited (undeserved) favor.  Grace is the peace, power, and love of Christ working in the life of the Believer (a person who has received Salvation).

Unfortunately, too many preachers lack the proper teaching about Grace, and continue to “lord” (Mark 10:42; II Corinthians 1:24 [New International Version]) their authority over their congregants and those outside of the Church.  Because many churches are still teaching and preaching the Law of Moses, they’re unintentionally serving Moses instead of Jesus, and they end up offering the world Moses instead of Jesus. For those of us who are serious about the mission of Christ (Luke 19:10), we have to teach and preach the Gospel of Grace throughout the entire world.  We also have to encourage Christian teachers and preachers across the world to learn and spread the Gospel of Grace.

The Apostle Paul writes, “I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel: Which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ.”  The “gospel of Christ” is the Gospel of Grace.  Paul is astonished that people are so quick to turn away from the Gospel of Grace and teach and preach other things.  He informed the Galatians and us that there’s no other gospel except the Gospel of Grace.  Paul divulged that there are false teachers present who “pervert the gospel of Christ.”  Therefore, when someone is teaching and/or preaching something other than the Gospel of Grace, he or she is teaching you something diametrically opposed to what Jesus taught and preached and diametrically opposed to what He commands His followers to teach and preach.

The only way you can receive Salvation is through your Faith in Grace (Ephesians 2:8-9).

Church leaders, if you’re serious about the mission of Christ, which is to win lost souls, then you must teach and preach the Gospel of Grace. Your evangelism will continue to be ineffective without an emphasis on the Gospel of Grace.  Stop teaching and preaching the Law of Moses. The Law of Moses was brought to bring about your death (Romans 7:5), but Jesus has come to give you abundant life (John 10:10).    

Don’t let another person condemn you to Hell.  Repent from all of your known and unknown sins today and Jesus will give you Salvation immediately.  Again, stop teaching and preaching Moses and teach and preach Jesus.

Dr. Antonio Maurice Daniels

University of Wisconsin-Madison


  1. The problem is that the Holy Spirit is not with you. If the Holy Spirit were with you, you would know that Micahel is Jesus and is also the deliverer of the righteous. Since you need a Bible to have faith as well a preach, then I’m sure you are familiar with Daniel 12: 1. The Master warned about those who would BOAST IN PUBLIC, putting on DISPLAYS OF PIETY.

    You believe that your hidden deeds have gone unnoticed, but the SPIRIT OF TRUTH has awoken, and the first individuals she is coming for are you self-righteous hypocrites in the clergy class! You are speaking of Hell and condemnation while you throw your fancy college titles (Dr this and that) around, yet you are guilty of many sins that you have neither confessed nor repented from. This is typical of the religious, not spiritual, and hypocrite clergymen! The Pharisees, Sadducees, and SCRIBES did the same exact thing!!!

    If the Holy Spirit were with you, you would know that the end is here and the preaching work is dead. Thanks to loud and boastful Paganized Christians, people do not want to hear preaching. This is your sign that preaching is about to become dangerous.

    If the Holy Spirit were with you, you would know that the Master will not rise in the Middle East (where he is hated and his enemies, the Jews, would try to kill him yet again). If the Holy Spirit were with you, you would know that the Master is not going to appear in some fantastic display of supernatural power (appearing in the clouds), for he told you he would come as a thief.

    If you want to see how hated the Master is–the Master’s earthly name was Jesus– by the Jews, mention the name Jesus to a Jewish Rabbi and watch him erupt with the hatred of an ISIS terrorist. The Jews (Judaism) are both ANIT CHRISTIAN and ANTICHRIST! When the Beast takes office, he is going to rebuild the temple for the Jews. Once this happens, God will give the Beast his authority (to perform miracles) and he will walk into the temple and proclaim that he is God. Since the Jews wanted a man as their messiah, they will look to the Beast. Once the Beast claims that he is God, he will ravage the Jews and persecute them along with the boastful and vain Chrisitan!

    The Master’s Coming as a thief would serve two purposes: throw his enemies off his trail and fool the boastful and self-righteous who are not in any way behaving as Christians.
    The Master warned us that men such as yourself (clergymen who claim to be ordained by God) would, just like Jannes and Jambres, reject the truth (and whose folly would be apparent to all). Before you start thumping the Bible let me remind you to be not forgetful! While you’re at it, don’t forget to read Daniel 12;3.

    Gray hair is not an indication of Wisdom, but an indication of age and experience. Wisdom is 1/3 of the Holy Spirit, and if the angel of Wisdom were with you, then there would be no contradiction in your (regurgitated) teaching or redundant messages. If Wisdom were with you, you would be able to interpret prophecy without your human weakness interfering causing misinterpretation.

    If you have issues with what I’ve been commanded to say, then it will only take one phone call to Heaven to set the matter straight. If I have said or done anything that was untrue, then YodHeVavHe will deal with me accordingly. However, woe to you if ‘it’ is the other way around. Do not bother sending an email in response because Gabriel or one of the other angels will see to it that the message gets removed!

    The way you deal with this message will show if you are a disciple of the Master or a viperous the son of the Devil!.

    I’m not in the least concerned with the responses of the loud and ignorant, atheist, Babylonian, or Neo-Christian (part Christian and part Pagan/Babylonian) who neither know YHVH nor have a personal relationship with Him. But you are supposed to be a disciple of the Master and minister of God, and if YHVH is with you, then Wisdom will diffuse arrogance, and you will act accordingly.

    As you are about to see, the end is just ahead and you are anything but prepared. There’s a spiritual war being fought, but how would you know when you are distracted by Monday Night Football. social media narcissism, and money?!?!

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