Unfair Termination Hearing for Wilcox County High School Black Male English Teacher


Wilcox County Superintendent of Schools Steve Smith will propose to the Wilcox County Board of Education the termination of a Black male English teacher who has significant support from students and citizens of the county on Thursday, August 2, 2012 at 3:30 p.m. at the Wilcox County Board of Education located at 395 College Street West, Abbeville, Georgia.

This termination hearing is a part of the process that is established by the Fair Dismissal Act of Georgia.  One can reasonably anticipate that the Board of Education will vote for Steve Smith’s proposal to fire the Black male English teacher, considering the Board fired him in the past at Smith’s request and a new teacher has already been introduced to the Wilcox County High School faculty as the new English teacher.  The new English teacher is an African-American female.  Seemingly, they hired the first Black to walk through the door as an attempt to cover up their wrongs.  However, hiring a random Black will not camouflage their wrongs.

Wilcox County Board of Education hired the Black male English teacher in July of 2011, fired him in April of 2012, hired him again in May of 2012, and will fire him on August 2, 2012.   Wilcox County citizens went to a Board of Education meeting in May of 2012 to request that he be rehired and Superintendent Steve Smith and the Board of Education hired him back with Smith’s illegal and unfair stipulations (see “Citizens Want Teacher Back Next Year”).

For a fundamental understanding of what’s going on, read “Racial Discrimination and Free Speech Violations at Wilcox County High School”.

Steve Smith seems to have a personal vendetta against the Black male English teacher because he refuses to be a docile Negro.  Steve Smith is a pastor of a church.  Unfortunately, he’s leading this unfair effort to fire the Black male English teacher at Wilcox County High School.

If you think the Jim Crow epoch is really over, all you have to do is follow phenomena in Wilcox County in Georgia and you will discover that it certainly has not ended.

Antonio Maurice Daniels

University of Wisconsin-Madison



    1. Indeed, this story is crazy! Unfortunately, this story is one that’s too familiar for Black people across the nation. It happens to a countless number of Black people and we hear about it from the mainstream media only every now and then. This is where independent media sources (bloggers), like you and myself, can play a significant role. We have the power to report news like this when the mainstream media will not and/or does not.

      1. I can dig that, I’m sure there are many wer don’t know about.. thanks for sharing this and allowing me to be aware!

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