Open Letter to NFL Owners

Dear NFL Owners:

The purpose of this missive is to implore you to end your attempts to gain an even greater share of revenues at the expense of millions of fans across the nation and globe who love and enjoy National Football League (NFL) athletic competition. At a time when we face great global economic turmoil, you are not showing fans any remorse by being avaricious. As you continue to look to mollify your own selfish interests, you only cause global morale to sink further. While I am not willing to completely agree with some players who claim that you are treating them like “modern slaves,” I do posit that you do economically exploit the professional athletes who work for you. It’s a derisory postulation for players to try to present themselves as “modern slaves” when they are millionaires. This faulty argument made by some NFL players, however, does not let you off the hook.

You make significantly more money off of the labor these professional athletes provide for you. It’s only greed that continues to motivate you to want more and more money for yourself. When people are struggling just to put food in their mouth, you are thinking only about how you can obtain more money to purchase yet another yacht or luxury automobile.

For many people across the globe, the only luxury they have is pulling up a chair to their television and watching an NFL game on Sunday. Because you cannot let your selfishness and insatiable appetite for money go, you are threatening to take away this luxury for people across the globe.

Do you not care anything about the health of your players? By extending the regular football season two games, this increases the likelihood of your players incurring season-ending injuries. The current 16 game regular season is already arduous enough for athletes. To help you to pay for your huge stadiums and bring in more ticket revenues, you would rather mortgage their health. Have you no scruples? The health of NFL players is more important than your bottom line.

You should go back to the negotiating table with NFL players with a serious mindset resolved to reach an equitable agreement with them. Have you ever heard of equity before?

If you prevent people across the globe, especially the American people, from watching their favorite athletes on television and in person, they will make you pay by turning a blind eye to you when football begins the next year that you come to an agreement with the players. Consumers will remember that when they were hurting the most, you took away something that offers comfort to them. I hope that you don’t think that consumers are unsophisticated and gullible. They know that you are responsible for this lockout.

Make a commitment today to reach a solemn agreement with the players, so that football fans can have an assurance that they will be able to witness another great season of NFL football. You may think that you are going to war with the NFL players, but you are really going to war with the fans, and I’m confident that we will inevitably have the last word with you about what we think about your conspicuous selfishness. Do the right thing!


Antonio Maurice Daniels

University of Wisconsin-Madison


  1. I’m not even sure what’s going on. I lost touch a long time ago when they started the talks. It’s a business! They’re really trying to get as much as they can. I can only think just because these people are paid so much money. I would try to figure out how to squeeze more out too. But then they are nothing without adequate and healthy players…

    1. When I’m already making significantly more money off of these players and I’m a billionaire and they are millionaires, my values and principles would not allow me to “figure out how to squeeze more out too.” For me, that’s economic and professional exploitation of these players. With the type of person that I am, I just could not do that. Yes, I understand that it’s a business but I hold certain values and principles in everything that I do, regardless of whether it involves money or not. I would not risk career ending injuries of people simply to increase my bottom line, considering these players are real people with real families (including children and wives) counting of them. One can operate a business without exploiting others; one can make money without exploiting others. The owners need to think about more than themselves and we will all be watching football this season on Sundays. Thanks for reading and your response.

  2. The owners planned and I would venture to say wanted this lock out! The real problem is the owners have a problem amongst each other with the splitting of revenue. The cop out to changing the money displacement within the owners is to take the players dough

    1. I agree very much with you that the owners wanted this lockout. Yes, there’s much disagreement among the owners. Basically, the battle lines are being drawn between the super rich owners (like Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys) vs. the rich owners. You are right–they are trying to work out their differences with the players’ money. Thanks for reading and your response.

  3. I really hope the player’s union holds strong. They have already showed signs of breaking. The player’s should have followed up on their threat to hold a separate draft day event for this new draft class to attend. The owners are out of control just like the rest of corporate America…….

    Somebody needs to draw a line somewhere.

    1. Very true, Sean! The players’ union has to demonstrate a willingness to refuse to let the owners force them into self-submission and self-exploitation. I very much agree that they should have a separate draft day event for the new draft class to attend. The owners are, indeed, just as reckless as the rest of corporate America. Thanks for reading and your response.

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