Wendy Williams Voted Off Dancing With The Stars

For those of us who have a deep respect for the art of dance, we can appreciate the serious effort and passion that Wendy Williams invested in trying to dance well each night on Dancing With The Stars. Although Wendy was able to survive the first round of voting with a tremendously low score from the judges, she was not able to overcome her very low scores again to remain on the show. Last night, she became the second contestant to be eliminated.

Dancing With The Stars will certainly miss Wendy’s presence because she devoted a significant amount of time on her show, The Wendy Williams Show, to discussing Dancing With The Stars and encouraging people to support her on the show, which, of course, drove her substantial following to watch Dancing With The Stars.

Wendy Williams became highly emotional on yesterday during the taping of her show (which occurred before she was eliminated, of course) about how her dancing would be received and about the potential of her being eliminated later on that night. Her emotions and tears communicated that this was someone who was not using this show as a means of drawing attention to herself, but her emotions and tears evinced that she was serving more noble interests than self-aggrandizement. On her show, she disclosed that she decided to participate in the competition on Dancing With The Stars to empower women, to show them that them that they can do anything they commit themselves to do.

For her positive message and her positive efforts, Wendy Williams should be applauded and commended.

Antonio Maurice Daniels

University of Wisconsin-Madison


  1. She’s a strong woman, don’t let the tears fool you her attendance on that show did her legend more good than it did harm so it was worth the embarrassment. Loved her comment at the end too, we can’t all dance and who cares.

    1. I agree. Her comment at the end was, indeed, great. Yeah, I think she gained so much from being on the show. It brought her into the view of audiences she never would have had access to. Thanks for reading and your response.

  2. Makes good TV and even better blog posts. I think she should be commended. I think the tears add to TRY and soften her image. I love Aunt Wendy though– either way. Commerical or not

  3. Yes, I don’t watch that man…I mean lady. LOL 🙂 But I can rock with him…I mean her on this one!!

    2 thumbs up Wendy

  4. “Dancing With The Stars to empower women, to show them that them that they can do anything they commit themselves to do.”

    I call it BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUULLLLLLLL! Puhlllllleeeeze.

    I love her show, I love her extra ness but that right there is bullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllshit. (can we curse on here?)

    I hate when celebrity folks go on record, especially the women talking about I wanted to empower the womenfolk. No, her dancing did not make me EMPOWERED nor did it make me feel like I can soar the skies.

    What is empowering though is the fact that she has her own talk show that is NOT on BET (lawwd have mercy, I love Moniques show) and is making that kaching ching!!!

    1. Profanity is allowed. When did Wendy’s show leave from being on BET? Last time I saw it, the show was on BET. Yeah, most celebrities are just being fake when they are talking about empowering women, but she seemed to come across as authentic to me at that particular time. Thanks for reading and your response.

      1. She is a great actress ya know! Oh well. If I’m getting paid to dance, you best believe I would issue a press statement spanning the four corners of the earth from the U.S. to the village sides of Mongolia stating about my empowering women mambo jumbo.

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