Longing for Condoleezza Rice to be NFL Commissioner

While you might have not liked Dr. Condoleezza Rice as a member of the Bush Administration, you might just like her as a replacement for the current National Football League (NFL) Commissioner, Roger Goodell. Roger Goodell is so horrible that I’m willing to give anyone an opportunity to do a better job than him. Dr. Rice certainly could not do any worse. Since Dr. Rice is a conservative, you can expect her to make decisions that will be good for the economic well-being of the NFL. Therefore, she knows that allowing the football players to actually play football sells tickets. With this in mind, I would anticipate that she would not punish and fine players for simply delivering good football hits. Roger Goodell is currently moving the NFL closer to a flag football league. Mr. Goodell, the NFL is for grown men—act like it!

Dr. Condoleezza Rice has expressed many times that her dream job is to become the NFL Commissioner http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=9B05EFDE1F3CF934A25757C0A9649C8B63.

For liberals who usually like to see government play a more active role in the people’s lives but who would like to see the NFL Commissioner play a less active role in how players play the game, you might just be pleased to see a conservative Dr. Condoleezza Rice assume this position. The more “hands-off” approach of conservatives could be just what we need to improve much of what’s wrong with how Roger Goodell is managing the NFL.

Dr. Rice is a highly accomplished woman. She’s certainly one of the smartest persons in the world that I know. As President George W. Bush’s Secretary of State and National Security Advisor, she has had to handle problems that are much more difficult and important than those that occur in the NFL. She, therefore, has the necessary preparation for solving problems and responding to great challenges to be an effective NFL Commissioner.

I know that some people’s strong dislike of this woman politically will not even allow them to consider supporting her as the NFL Commissioner. I just would like you to know that as NFL Commissioner she would not be handling serious issues pertaining to war and peace. It’s important for us to keep an open mind about many things in life. When we’re not willing to keep an open mind about phenomena in life, we could really miss out on some great things.

Think about how wonderful it would be to have an African-American woman as the NFL Commissioner. The fact she is a woman and African-American would send such a positive and much needed message about diversity throughout the NFL, sports, America, and world.

Even if you don’t like Dr. Condoleezza Rice politically, I encourage you to entertain the idea of supporting her as a possible future NFL Commissioner. The NFL is making some progress with advancing, retaining, and hiring African-Americans in leadership positions, although it’s very inadequate progress. The presence of Dr. Condoleezza Rice in this position would convey a strong message that the NFL truly welcomes African-Americans in leadership positions.

Antonio Maurice Daniels

University of Wisconsin-Madison


  1. I love football and I know the game well. GO FALCONS! The issue of Condoleezza’s race would, in this instance come second to her gender. Men reserve sports like football as a “man’s” game. It would be interesting to see the NFL’s reaction to placing ANY woman in a particular position of power like the commissioner. I would support this cause for three reasons: she is a woman, she is black, and she know the game! Great read.

    1. Thanks, Pampered Sweet Tooth! Who are the Falcons? Lmbo! Yes, many men, not all, do have a sexist view when it comes to women and certain sports, including women having major leadership positions within those sports. I would support her for the three reasons you listed and many more. I very much agree that the dominant problem she would face is with her gender, which is quite sad since this is the 21st century. Her race would definitely fall somewhere behind her gender. Thanks for reading and your response.

  2. I’m not really into the politics of the game but I know it’s a lot that goes on to get us watching. I’m not sure about her in this position. I rather see her be active in government. It would be interesting to see her transition into a role like this. I’m sure the same politics and paradigm she has would make a good fit.

    1. I, too, would rather see her active in a governmental position. I think she would be much more useful to the nation and world in a governmental position. She, however, has expressed that she does not have any further interest in a governmental position right now. With this being the case, I think it would be quite interesting to see her potentially serve as NFL Commissioner. Thanks for reading and your response, Drew!

  3. I think that Rice has a huge love for the game and is a great strategist when it comes to publicity and politics. Isn’t that what positions of power really are in any organization? I think that she can do any job well and even make a great career out of it. No matter where she goes and what she does, other than teaching at a University anyway, she is going to be noticed and talked about. I don’t think that has anything to do with her gender or her race but with her ability to make what she does great. She’s a very accomplished woman with whatever she seems to get herself into and I’m sure this position would be no different. sorry for the late reply. Saw the link researching for a report. Great post Antonio.

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