Introducing Me and My Blog’s Purpose

Hello, All:

My name is Antonio Maurice Daniels, Ph.D. student and Research Associate in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. My primary research interests are African-American male college student-athletes, African-American male students throughout the educational pipeline, and ecological sustainability in higher and postsecondary education.

For my first blog, I wanted to start with explaining the purpose of my blog. The purpose of my blog is to serve as an extension of my purpose in life: to unsettle, unnerve, and unhouse. This blog will be a venue for sharing information and ideas. If you are looking for discussions about serious issues, this will certainly be a place where you will be quite satisfied. I look forward to engaging with you on a constellation of diverse topics.

Antonio Maurice Daniels

University of Wisconsin-Madison


  1. I know I’m grave digging…. but why specifically Black male student athletes? I am/was one back in the day. I’m interested in knowing what your draw to them was, and if it remains a large part of your research.

    1. Oh no, problem.

      An extensive and growing body of empirical research evinces that Black male students academically underperform all of their peers throughout the educational pipeline, and a significant body of empirical research reveals that Black male student-athletes academically lag behind behind all of their peers, including the general Black male student population, throughout the educational pipeline.

      My research agenda focuses on understanding the factors that contribute to successful Black male achievers throughout the educational pipeline, especially those factors that contribute to successful Black male student-athletes. I’ve been a student-athlete and coach. I have also worked for athletic departments at two universities. I am passionate about ameliorating the academic achievement of Black male student-athletes because they have the worst academic achievement of all students throughout the educational pipeline. Most people are focused on a deficit model to studying them, but I am concentrated on anti-deficit model of approaching them; that is, I am looking at how to help struggling Black male student-athletes by looking at factors that contribute to successful ones.

      My experience teaching, coaching, and playing alongside many Black male student-athletes are the factors that most contributed to my strong passion for improving their educational experiences and outcomes. My research does look at all Black male students throughout the educational pipeline, though.

      I wanted to be a part of those offering solutions to Black male academic underachievement and not a part of the problem and not a part of the large group of scholars simply pointing out the failures of Black male students.

      Black male student-athletes are the most exploited student group; therefore, this led me, as a Marxist theorist, to want to offer real solutions to enable them to have better experiences and outcomes despite the capitalist exploitation they encounter.

      I hope I was able to give you some insights into what gave rise to my research interests/agenda. Sorry, it was so long….Lol!

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