Check Your Emotions

Check Your Emotions

Everything is not always going to go your way.  When things fail to go your way, don’t try to force the environment in which you’re situated to be dominated by your negative mood.  People are not always going to do what you want them to do.  You have to learn to control your emotions.

You will not always get your way.

While many adults make a serious effort to teach children that they will not always get their way, many adults need to be taught the same thing.

Don’t “fly off the handle” simply because people don’t respond in a tone that is exactly the kind of tone you desire.

When you have unacceptable mood swings, swing your attitude immediately in the direction of your lips and bust yourself in the mouth with it (your attitude).  If you want to hurt someone with your attitude, hurt yourself.  It’s unfair to take your emotions out on those who don’t deserve to feel the stinging effects of your reckless emotions.  If your emotions change with the wind, you will find that people are not going to want to be around you, and they will remember how terrible you treated them when you feel like being in a good mood.

The world does not revolve around you.  People are not placed on this planet to please and serve you.  Before you get an attitude with someone about much ado about nothing, try to consider the things that person may be going through and how they don’t need you imposing your nasty attitude on them.

Even people who claim to be considerate of others and claim to live an honorable life, they still need to do a daily self-assessment to make sure their not making everything about themselves.

You need to be sure that you’re not taking everything so personally.

Check your attitude.  Check your words.  Check your actions.  Check yourself.

Antonio Maurice Daniels

University of Wisconsin-Madison

It’s Important to Actually Accomplish Something

Many people who have not really accomplished anything will try to hate on you and will do whatever they can to try to derail your success. When many people who have not really accomplished anything compare themselves to those individuals who have an impressive record, they begin to develop serious envy and jealousy. What I would like to suggest to people who have not really accomplished anything is to devote more of your time to things that matter. You will not have to lack confidence in  your record if you will commit yourself to working to accomplish things that will give you a record of success. Never try to take the easy way out by doing something that would harm a person with a record of success just to try to gain some advantages that could get you something that you want. What you better learn quickly is people who have developed impressive records will not allow you to get away with this, and these people have gained such power and resources from their success that they could easily ruin everything for you—so think thoroughly about things before you do them.

When you have your record examined and people don’t think you have accomplished anything, this is not the moment you should get angry. You should have been angry about the fact that you did not commit yourself to a record of success before people started investigating your record. There are so many different ways that we can build a record of achievement. When you have some genuine accomplishments, people will recognize them. When people are not really recognizing your accomplishments, then it must mean that you have tried to make them accomplishments when they really are not. People know what accomplishments are—people know when you have achieved. It is not up for debate who is an achiever—we know it when we see it.

Trying to dress up won’t hide your inadequacies! Sometimes you just have to face the facts. If you have not made a serious effort to actually accomplish anything significant, then you need to understand that you are simply inadequate. Most people are responsible for their own inadequacies. All you have to look at is the values, choices, and priorities you have made and there you will find why you are so inadequate. I want to give you some hope, however. You can overcome your inadequacies by making a true commitment to working to eliminate them. People are not going to simply sympathize with you and give you anything. When you have made the choice and continue to make the choice to not go out and achieve serious accomplishments, then this is your own fault!  All those of us who are achievers ask you to do is keep our names out of your mouth, don’t hate on us, and don’t do anything that would anger us. If you make the decision to do anything to us, then expect for us to counterpunch at some point. To all the slackers, step your game up or simply stop hating on those of us who are achievers!

Antonio Maurice Daniels

University of Wisconsin-Madison