Open Letter to K.J. Hill: Recommit to Arkansas and Become a National Star

K.J. Hill Arkansas Football Recruit

(Photo Credit: Whole Hog Sports)

Hello, Mr. Hill:

The purpose of this open letter is to urge you (and cause others to urge you) to recommit to playing football for the University of Arkansas. You’re being heavily recruited by the University of Alabama and Ohio State University, but those teams are loaded at the wide receiver position. You, therefore, seriously run the risk of simply sitting on the bench your entire college tenure, squandering an opportunity to live up to your full potential on the football field and make it to the NFL. At the University of Arkansas, you will have the opportunity to emerge as a star, possibly your first season. Although all who follow college football know that Arkansas has a superior power running game—with the biggest offensive line in football (college and NFL)—the team is only an improved passing game away from winning national championships. Arkansas returns a tough defense, a defense that ranked #10 in total defense, holding Alabama to only 14 points and holding LSU and Ole Miss scoreless last season. You, Mr. Hill, will be the featured wide receiver at Arkansas. At Alabama and Ohio State, you will sit on the bench—no matter what the coaches at both schools are telling you right now.

If you’re unaware, one of the significant jobs in college football recruiting, especially among elite football programs, is to not only recruit the best and most appropriate players for one’s team but also to recruit players away from teams to prevent them from progressing. Unfortunately, this brutal recruiting game results in those players never being intended to be used. Nick Saban recognizes the great difficulties he faced against Arkansas last season, which resulted in many Alabama fans calling the team “mediocre” and questioning whether Saban is in decline. Saban understands that Arkansas’ physical play on both sides of the ball is a substantial threat to his team in the SEC West. You’re nothing more than a pawn in his recruiting game.

Urban Meyer and Bret Bielema simply don’t like one another. Meyer isn’t genuinely interested in you—he simply wants to recruit you to anger Bielema. Again, you’re nothing more than a pawn in Meyer’s recruiting war, and he knows his team could face Arkansas in the playoffs, which it’s really possible for both teams to make it there.

If you recommit to Arkansas, you will be just as important to the team as its power running game is to its success. Arkansas has a great tight end, Hunter Henry, who occupies the attention of every defense the team faces. While those defenses are focusing on Hunter Henry, they will open up even more touchdown opportunities and big plays for you. With the recruitment of big-time recruit, Will Gragg, a tight end, defenses will have to concentrate on him as well, allowing increased opportunities for you to gain separation from defenses that will attempt to defend you man-to-man.

Mr. Hill, I have worked for the University of Arkansas’ athletic department and I can honestly attest to the fact that the athletic department has some of the finest facilities in the nation, and you will receive some of the finest academic support inside of the athletic department in the nation. Don’t forget how important it is to have great academic support to maintain your eligibility to play. Too often recruits don’t ask those athletic departments what they’re going to offer them to ensure their academic success. In the academic support center in the athletic department at Arkansas, you will receive tutoring, training, support, and help with your academic work that will ensure your success. If you commit to Arkansas, I make a personal commitment to help you with every assignment you need assistance with completing.

In closing, Mr. Hill, I strongly urge you not to become distracted by offers by Alabama and Ohio State. Those offers are to have you to sit on the bench. Contact Bret Bielema today and make an unwavering recommitment to Arkansas.

I look forward to hearing of your recommitment to Arkansas in the coming days.

Best wishes,

Antonio Maurice Daniels

University of Arkansas


  1. We sure would love to see you kicking butt playing for the Hogs K.J. I hope you decide on the Hogs and get us closer to a Championship. GO Hogs Go!

  2. KJ is Arkansas first choice bama and osu are using him for a back up plan as reported by a bama rivals writer last week. We need him and want him. If you have the talent actually the school is a small part of making the NFL. But in this State no matter what if you stay out of trouble, and play hard you will always have fame, and support.

    1. Mike:

      This young man will make a crucial mistake by not choosing Arkansas because other teams will not value his potential in the way Arkansas does. Arkansas is making him a target recruit because the team sees how having him at wide receiver is mutually beneficial. Yes, at Arkansas, he will always be viewed as a star.

  3. We don’t need anyone on the team who doesn’t want to be a Razorback. I couldn’t care less if he recommits. Good bye K.J. Enjoy pulling bench splinters out of your ass.

    1. John:

      I’m sure you’ve had some times when you’ve been fickle in your decision making. Therefore, we all have needed to have someone to help us in our decision making, and this open letter is an attempt to show him how much Razorback Nation supports him and desires for him to become a Hog. If he chooses not to become a Hog, then true Hogs will wish him well wherever he goes.

  4. I’m as big a Hog homer as there is, but if it were my kid and his future, who the OC was and the type of offense he runs would play a part in his decision
    Let’s get our OC hired and let him make his pitch to Hill.
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed that CBB hires a proven pro style OC, that has a track record of throwing the ball as well as pounding the rock.

    1. Jack:

      I agree very much with you. The new offensive coordinator will be very important to Hill’s decision, and more importantly, to the team’s success. I’m confident that Bielema will make a great hiring decision.

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