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Let the world know what you want it to know! (Photo Credit: Female Racing News)

Revolutionary Paideia appreciates any donation(s) you would like to give to the site.  Go to the “Donate/Get Featured” Page and click on the “Make A Donation” button, which is secured by PayPal, and make your donation today!  Thank you in advance!

For those who would like the site to feature you, your organization, an event, an announcement, or etc., for a donation of $10 the site will compose one article tailored to your specifications.  Your article will remain on the site permanently.  It will be tweeted four times on the day it’s published and will be published on Revolutionary Paideia’s Facebook page.  Additionally, Antonio Maurice Daniels, the Owner of Revolutionary Paidiea, will publish it on his personal Facebook page.  If you would like your article to be marketed four times a day on Twitter for a week, and once a day for a week on Revolutionary Paideia’s Facebook page and the personal page of the Owner for a week, then a $25 donation is required.  For longer marketing campaigns, please contact Antonio Maurice Daniels at

If you are interested in featuring yourself, your organization, an event, an announcement, or etc., then contact Antonio Maurice Daniels, Owner of Revolutionary Paideia, at

Thank you for your continued support!

Antonio Maurice Daniels

University of Wisconsin-Madison

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