Happy 33rd Birthday to Santresa L. Glass

Santresa L. Glass

Look at those cheekbones! Lol!

I want to take this opportunity to wish Santresa L. Glass, my best friend, a Happy 33rd Birthday!  I appreciate your friendship and love.  Each day, my understanding of the value of your friendship and love becomes clearer.  I am so proud of all the things you’ve accomplished.  At 33 years old, you are proving to get better with time.  Although some people believe that your posts on Facebook (including your pictures), your tweets, and Instagram pictures/posts are attempts to present yourself as being more than you really are, those individuals truly don’t know you.  If they really knew you, as I do, they would know that the glow they see is authentic happiness.  I may (notice the emphasis on “may”) tolerate people attacking me for a little while, but one thing I will not tolerate is any attacks on my best friend, Santresa L. Glass.  I don’t mind getting life without the possibility of parole for annihilating anyone who would try to attack and do you harm.  Believe that!

I’m truly proud of you for being so close to completing your doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership at Argosy University.  Although some are already trying to downplay and criticize you for obtaining your doctoral degree online, they are simply “toxic mushrooms” (I’m pretty sure you can appreciate that term).  I cannot wait to read your doctoral committee approved version of your dissertation!  Oh yeah, for the haters, Santresa is required to pen a dissertation.  It will not be long before I get to call you “Dr. Glass.”  Sounds great, right?

You are beautiful!  You always have been.  Time has only ameliorated your beauty.  You’re not pretending to be beautiful—you simply are!

No one can ever question your authenticity.  You have never been afraid to express who you truly are.  You embrace not only the great things about yourself but also your imperfections.  One of the things I love most about you is your authenticity.  When I’m talking to you, I always know that I’m talking to San and not some inauthentic persona you’ve created to please others.

On this day, take time to reflect on the many blessings God has bestowed to you.  He has a tremendous number of more blessings for you.  Enjoy YOUR day.  Have the best birthday ever.  Again, happy birthday!

Love you,

Antonio Maurice Daniels

University of Wisconsin-Madison


  1. OMG! Now that I’ve collected myself . . . while at work . . . with my middle school students . . . I have to tell you THANK YOU from the core of who I am and I mean that. It brings overwhelming joy to read such great things about me from you. The fact that you recognize my authenticity and that I AM truly happy with joy resonating from the inside out means . . . *fighting tears* the most, Antonio. I am truly blessed to call you my BEST friend {and better not nann ninja refute that}. 😉 . . . O.k. back to Buckhead from Bankhead . . . Today, I willingly welcome all songs selections and concerts from you. *cue Marcos* insider . . .

    1. Lmbo! I love you unconditionally. Oh lawd, not “back to Buckhead from Bankhead.” Oh, don’t worry the concert will be filled with a number of my number #1 singles (actually all of them are number #1). Have the greatest birthday ever. Happy Birthday, San!!!

  2. I’ve revisited this again tonight and am moved to tears of PURE JOY! I am happy that furthering our distance will not impact the deeply rooted love of our friendship. Change is necessary and good. Thank you for allowing me to be ALL of Santresa. 🙂

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