Support Racial and Social Justice at Wilcox County High School

Wilcox County High School

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Wilcox County High School in Rochelle, Georgia is still the site of racially segregated proms, racially segregated Homecoming dances, only one Black teacher (and she’s made it known she’s not returning at the end of this school year), and great hostility toward Black students, parents, and faculty.  On April 9, 2013, Wilcox County High School’s Leadership Team will meet to discuss a potential school-sponsored prom for 2014.  This does not address the racially segregated proms that will continue this year.  One can expect Steve Smith, Superintendent of Wilcox County Schools, to have the Leadership Team to develop a plan for having a racially integrated school-sponsored prom in 2014 to attempt to evade the numerous charges of racism and discrimination that have been directed to him, the Wilcox Board of Education, and Chad Davis, Principal of Wilcox County High School.

The students who requested to use campus facilities to host a racially integrated prom this year were denied.  Others have often been granted privileges to use campus facilities to conduct various activities and host various events, including to have non-school related basketball tournaments and to hold a prayer rally.

Too often we see racial and social injustices happen and all we do is talk about them and write about them, but the troubling racial and social injustices occurring at Wilcox County High School offer us an opportunity to strike a mighty blow at vestiges of the Jim Crow Old South present at Wilcox County High School.

Contact the NAACP here: and tell them to join the fight against the racial and social injustices happening at Wilcox County High School.  If you don’t feel fully confident about the details of issues at Wilcox County High School, just tell them to contact me (Antonio Maurice Daniels) at for further details.  It’s essential, however, that they hear from as many people as possible to demonstrate how serious the request for their support is.

Contact the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) at 212-549-2500 or contact your local ACLU here:  Let the ACLU know that Wilcox County High School approved individuals to use campus facilities to host a prayer rally, but denied students’ requests to use campus facilities to host a racially integrated prom.  Again, if you need further details to be provided, have the ACLU to contact me (Antonio Maurice Daniels) at

Contact the National Action Network here:

Contact the Rainbow PUSH Coalition here:

We must not simply sit back, talk, and write about these racial and social injustices at Wilcox County High School—we must act!  Show how angry you are with these injustices by contacting the previously mentioned contacts.  We have to move from anger to action!  Anger is not a strategy.  Act today!

Antonio Maurice Daniels

University of Wisconsin-Madison



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