6 Things Thought Impossible that Are Possible

1.      Ending Poverty in America.  In the richest nation in the world, there’s no reason why any person should live in abject poverty.  We have to be committed to an economic system that is not going leave no one behind in poverty.  It’s a conscious choice America makes to not eradicate poverty.  If our nation was truly interested in eliminating poverty, it could be done in a matter of minutes.  For this to happen, there must be a greater will expressed by the American people, and there must be significant pressure placed on local, state and federal leaders to engender policies and legislation that will end poverty.  Although there’s a burgeoning movement to exterminate poverty, a massive number of more people must get involved in this movement for it to accomplish the essential goal of living in a nation devoid of poverty.

2.      Ending Illiteracy in America.  If we make a true commitment to education at the local, state and national level, there’s no reason why we cannot eliminate illiteracy in America.  More people could be helped with their inability to read if they would shed their pride and ask for help.  Of course, there needs to be more resources made available to assist the illiterate.

3.      Ending Homelessness in America.  In the wealthiest nation in the world, every individual should have adequate shelter.

4.      Ending Chronic Hunger in America.  America has enough money to ensure everyone has adequate food to eat.  This is why the food stamps program should be supported and not attacked.  We need to make necessary reforms to remove waste, fraud and abuse in the program, but people who don’t have money to purchase food to eat should be provided with the resources.

5.      Ending Unemployment in America.  In this nation, we have the ability to guarantee that every person who desires to work can be employed, including self-employment.

6.      Ending HIV/AIDS and Cancer.  With many of the most remarkable researchers and scholars in the world, we should remain hope that a cure to incurable diseases will emerge.

Antonio Maurice Daniels

University of Wisconsin-Madison


  1. Hi there, if you have not seen Aaron Russo’s movie, “Freedom to Fascism” — go over to YouTube and watch it!! It talks about the Federal Reserve System, and how it debases our currency….how $1 today is worth pennies as compared to $1 in 1913.

          1. Awesome. I’m glad you watched it. The Federal Reserve has been robbing the American public since 1913. Sadly, very few Americans know more about celebrities than about the Federal Reserve. Best wishes to you!!

              1. Hey I just watched another interesting Documentary, “Hot Coffee.” It starts out with the so-called Frivolous law suit by the woman who was burned by McDonald’s coffee. It’s a real eye opener! I borrowed it from my local library. Not sure if it’s on YouTube, but it’s on Amazon. It has nothing to do with the Federal Reserve, but about the right to trial by Jury. Interesting stuff!

  2. Interesting read, but I live in the Former Soviet Union (FSU).

    While interesting, it is not realistic.

    In the FSU people are blunt, I have picked up some of this trait, but I tried to tone it down for you.

    Poverty in America? Where ‘poor’ people afford an iPhone, a car, more food than they can eat, and a place to live? How can you call that poor?

    Isn’t it ironic that our ‘poor’ are in the top 3% of the wealthiest people in the world, but you call them poor?

    Why do we discriminate against those who chose not to read?

    Why do we discriminate against those who chose to live outside of society? 40% of them are veterans, 10% of general society are veterans …. maybe we should end the Democrats and their wars?

    You will never end ‘hunger’ in America. When people chose booze, cigarettes, drugs, and porn over food, all the money in the world will never satisfy their hunger. End greed, and you will fix the problem.

    Employment? If they are on welfare, they must work. No work, no food. 32 hours a week, so they have 8 hours to look for a real job.

    America would eliminate our pollution problem.

    And America did a real good job keeping people at work, until Clinton gave our jobs to China.

    Aids? Sure, just as soon as you end iatrogenesis.

    Then you can complain about aids killing fewer people than hepatitis does.

    And the 7th think you still think impossible?

    Read my blog and find out: thewordpressghost.wordpress.com


    1. In America, all of these things are possible, but the will to do them must grow tremendously. Your definition of “poor” is certainly not the one I’m referencing. I’m not discriminating against those who elect not to read; I’m advocating for those who cannot read and don’t have the means to help themselves. Everything does not have to be realistic — they can be idealistic. The concept of my great nation, America, was founded on idealism that transformed into realism. Therefore, idealism matters. You can remain skeptical about these things becoming realities but I remain committed to seeing that the American people will take part in a movement to make them realities.

      1. Antonio,

        My great country was founded by my great ancestors.

        If you want to contrast, look to the south. The United States of Mexico was founded on the same principles. And shortly after we founded our independence from the corruption and tyranny of Napoleon, my ancestors continued the Revolution in Texas.

        There is a difference between an ‘ideal’ and propaganda.

        Welfare recipients in the USA are in the top 4% richest people in the world. And they live like the top 2% ….

        Reality. We have very LITTLE true poverty in America. And most of the true poor are VETERANS of AMERICA’S dirty little wars that the DEMOCRATS continue to force on us as the REPUBLICANS STAND IDLY by ….

        Tyranny should always fall to the right of the PEOPLE.

        That is my opinion. And it was the opinion of my ancestors.


      2. Antonio,

        Just to be very clear.

        I appreciate your ‘ideals.’

        And like I have written on my blog many times, America used to be rich. But, for some reason, the Republican party sat back and watched as Clinton forced our wealth to be given to the third world.

        Read the book Commonwealth and the other books by Sachs. Scary motive. And while I appreciate the ideal Sachs wrote about, I do not appreciate the reality it gave us in America.

        America is broke. We are only limping along because the rest of the world fears a depression.

        That is a long way down from where we were just 30 years ago.


  3. Reblogged this on thewordpressghost and commented:
    OK, our friend blogged on 6 things possible in America.

    While I satired his six recommendations in my comment on his blog, there was some thought in the questions posed. And at one time not too long ago, those six recommendations were affordable in America.

    Then came the Clinton era ‘balanced budgets.’ Ironically, his budget magic was replaced by Obama’s frank disregard for balancing the budget. America is in so much debt, no one thinks we can balance the budget.

    Well, in America, we can balance a budget. And the American people do balance budgets every day. Most of us are very successful. A few of the others declare bankruptcy.

    What is the 7th thing possible in America?

    Yes, balancing the budget.

    Reduce military spending in America. EASY to do. Require all politicians families to be drafted for 2 years during all periods of war. War would be much quicker and cheaper.

    Reduce spending upon welfare. If you use welfare, you must return 32 hours of public service picking up trash – if you do not work, you do not eat. Give the people incentive to go to WORK.

    Balance Social Security and Medicare by eliminating Medicaid and supplemental payments for welfare under social security.

    Reduce welfare payments back to what they were before Obama took office. There is no need for people on welfare to be able to afford an iPhone, or cigarettes.

    What do you think?

    Would we reduce the deficit in quick order?


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