10 Characteristics of Visual Learners

Visual Learners

1.  Visual learners like to read.

2.  Visual learners take copious notes.

3.  Visual learners often close their eyes to visualize or remember.

4.  Visual learners are usually good spellers.

5.  Visual learners like to see what they are reading.

6.  Visual learners tend to value planning and organization.

7.  Visual learners are meticulous, neat in appearance.

8.  Visual learners notice details.

9.  Visual learners find something to watch when bored.

10. Visual learners find quiet, passive surroundings ideal.

Antonio Maurice Daniels

University of Wisconsin-Madison


  1. I really like the visual picture and would love to use it in a powerpoint presentation for students, is it ok to use this image?

  2. I too, would like to use the picture in a powerpoint presentation I have due on tomorrow. Would it be ok to use?

  3. I really like the information and image in this article. Could I please have your permission to use it in an assignment?

  4. Good afternoon Antonio, I think your image and thoughts are a great learning tool for my grad course, is it ok if I use your image and characteristics ?

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