Stop Letting Your Husband or Boyfriend Beat You

For that woman out there whose husband or boyfriend is beating you, I pray that you will contact the police and let them know what is going on. Women, you are too precious and beautiful to allow a man to beat you. Of course, I understand that women do beat men, but this piece is devoted to women, who are unquestionably the greatest victims of physical and emotional abuse. A man does not have to physically hit you for it to be abuse. The most damaging abuse is emotional abuse because it can be more difficult to overcome. If your man is emotionally abusing you, please get out of the relationship with him.

I have seen too many men who emotionally abuse their women and do not see the tremendously violence that they are doing to them. You don’t own these women! When a man emotionally and physically abuses a woman, he is simply a coward. Why don’t you step to another man and try to do the same thing? If you need someone to pick on, I am always available! For men who are friends with other men who abuse their women, you guys need to be real men and stop them from beating on their women.

About three months ago, I had a conversation with a guy in Madison, Wisconsin who believes it is not another man’s place to try to intervene in another man’s relationship with his woman when there is some question about whether the man is abusing the woman. I let him know I disagreed with him very much. I think it is always best to err on the side of life and on the side of protecting our women from harm.

I have some strong feelings that a man I know in Madison, Wisconsin is emotionally and/or physically abusing his wife.  I have to admit that I don’t care too much for the lady’s husband anyway, but I do love the sweet personality of the man’s wife. I’m going to get this man arrested and put in jail because I am a mastermind and am going to prove he is beating his wife. He thinks he has been getting away with it, but I am going to bring him down!

I want women to start rising up against domestic violence. In your efforts to rise up against domestic violence, I want you to be more concerned about not being emotionally and physically abusive to men too. Women must form partnerships to combat domestic violence because most cases of domestic violence go unreported. I refuse to sit on the sidelines and watch the women in my environment continue to be victimized by abusive men. I will lead an effort and movement to see that any man who hits a woman ends up in jail for a long time. Keep your hands off these women!

Stop raising your voices and screaming at these women trying to intimidate them—this is emotional abuse. If you are a man and you feel the need to raise your voice at a woman and scream at her, please forget about yelling at her and come scream at me. I got the cure for all that screaming! Women, when these men start yelling at you trying to intimidate you, call the police on them. Now, I am not telling you to do trifling stuff like call the police on men just to try to make them mad, but I want you to call the police on men who are legitimately trying to intimidate you and who have a strong possibility of putting their hands on you in a violent way.

Stop the violence today!

Antonio Maurice Daniels

University of Wisconsin-Madison


  1. Great subject to bring into the open. I hear that so many women will continue to stay with a wife-beater because they are afraid of the unknown if they leave him.

    Ladies, if that’s you – PLEASE get help. There are support groups that will assist you. Take action now. Don’t wait for that “man” to hit you again.

    1. Thanks, Goose! One lady has accused me of putting “the ball in the woman’s court.” I responded to her by saying, “I didn’t put the ball in the woman’s court; I just told her to get on the court.” Some people have treated this article as if I’m trying to make it the panacea for domestic violence. I’m not. Thanks for reading and your response.

      1. Antonio Maurice Daniels, Thank you for sharing this post my advice too the women get out before its too late, I been going tho this for awhile emotional abuse and physical abuse when u love someone its hard, If you trying to change a man you can’t only God can you know when a man put his hands on you that’s not love he’s trying to beat you up to get you out the way for the other women he be lieing and cheating wit! I just want all women too understand I had to put a Domestic assault on my man he beat me and my face where I got head injuries now I’m bruise to the brain and I had a black eye so I’m taking this all the way he violated his protection order and he got found guilty for that I’m taking this all the way, I even lost my vision couldn’t see on the highway thinking this man love me and all I did was help him and I been doing good it happen and February 2017 and women I tell you I haven’t look back to him I Dont call him or text I change my number it made him so mad he damage all my property man Dont no they had it good til its gone I have a protection order on him and I tell you Antonio Maurice Daniels I feel good not to hear someone putting you down everyday or putting their hands on you I could of been dead I thank God everyday I continued to go to church take my children so they can know God, And I feel so good my life is changing Antonio Maurice Daniels if you need my help to come in speak to women I will be glad to come and share what I’ve been threw and I think no women should go threw Domestic violence IMA pray for all women to be strong and get out while they can because when a man angry all the time he will try to kill you to all the women IMA pray that God will keep you and his hands have a bless Day..

        1. Thank you very much! I pray a blessing on your life today. I appreciate you very much for sharing and your feedback. The grace of God has provided for us everything that we need for this life. God bless you!

  2. my friend gets hit, and i witnessed a bit of it after a night of baby sitting. shes scared to get an epo, bc he may kill her… is there ANY way i can help. I saw him knock the car seat out of a 4 mo. old out of her hands and then take off… needless to say, i stopped this one.

    1. I think you have to make the police aware of this, so that they will know how to investigate this matter with the knowledge that he may kill her. They are trained at how handling matters like this. If you don’t act, there is still the potential for him to beat her so severely to do permanent damage to her or even possibly kill her and possibly the child too. I would also try to encourage her to leave, and it may be good for you to try to let her stay with you or family members or your close friends.

  3. I now know the fear women feel when being abused ,I admit on this site I waqs an abuser untill my wife had enough and fought back and with the first punch she knew what I really was ,a cowardly sissy abuser I went right down ,covering myself up hoping not to get hit again ,my wife was in shock at how easily she put me down and then proceded to take out 5 years of beatings from me and didnt know wether to laugh or cry as she had me crying and yes actually peeing my pants as she punched me a few more times ,saying how does it feel ? how does it feel ?.The next thing I remember is waking up with my wife standing over me ,and had stripped me naked and written on me knocked cold by Amy and told me if I ever slapped or raised her hand to her again ,I would get a worst beating and to teach me a lesson ,that I would never forget what happened here today she was taking these pictures ,to post on every site she could and especially the femdom sites and to make it impossible for me to ever deny ,I was just a little sissy cowardly abuser That got the tables turned by my wife and learned what it is like to be beat up and humiliated and I guess she wanted me naked to show my tiny penis to further humiliate me .Well I have learned my lesson and apoligize to all women and now know my place ,and my wife wants everyone to know that she is sorry she used force to turn the tables and in no way believes in abuse of men or women ,but said she hade no other choice and hopes it gives hope to other abused women,thank you Amy and Bruce

  4. hi,

    i’ve read your article and smiled at the thought of you telling men to scream at you instead of us women. that made my day. anyway, i am discombobulated with what is happening with my life. i am unsure if it’s really my husband that’s abusive or i contributed to what happened. in the contrary, reading this article makes me mad with my husband too yelling at me everytime i make a point and even saying it in a nice way. we always end up fighting and him yelling so i yell back and we end up broken hearted. the thing is, he always boil down to the d word (divorce). it’s what he always end up saying everytime we fight. i am 8 months pregnant and although i know he wouldn’t hurt me physically again, i still realize i am being abused emotionally since i am pregnant and supposed to be cared for and loved and being understood with my simple explanations and point of view and not being yelled at and pushed around like a trash.
    i know everybody is telling me to get out of this freaking relationship but, i feel it’s not yet time. and also i felt that i have my share of faults trying to argue and fight over simple matters when i could just give way for the moment. i feel he would still change especially when the baby arrives. don’t you worry y’all, i am not really that stupid. i laid my ultimatum and that’s when the baby is born and he’s not changed, i am outta his life forever…i just believe that things always depend upon the situation…

    thank you to all of you and be safe… GOD bless us all…

    to amy and bruce,

    i believe you still love each other despite of what happened.
    some people like my husband is more than a coward not to face reality of being married.
    he was married for 10 years before, had no children and had an affair in between with his former workmate and is lying to both sides. he was so mad at me coz i found out his true color after i came over to marry and live with him. he doesn’t want people to know about who and what he truly is and so, his only resort is to runaway and have divorce and find a new victim who will tolerate his ass. but, i told myself enough. i am here in his life for a reason and i will teach him that lesson as much as i can…we both had our share of broken relationship but, at least i know how to commit and be faithful to just one when i am in a relationship. i don’t date or even entertain somebody else at least for 2 years to make sure i am really clear with my past. but, him when we first had a big fight, already dated somebody else and continued to do so until i made the action and told the other girls he’s married and going to be a father soon…he is still trying to push on the divorce from time to time but, i am being firm that i wouldn’t deliver the baby in an instant divorce family…i can see some developments on him too that’s why i have high hopes that when the baby arrives, he would change and work things out for himself if not for me, at least for the baby…

    thank you,


  5. My dear ,Yes you are right ,it is emotion abuse ,which in some cases can hurt more then pysical abuse.I know when I use to disagree with bruce about anything he would call me stupisd and tell me to shut up or else ,but in your case it does seem like he is using your baby as a theat to leave you if you disagreed about anyrhing ,I just hope you realize that if its because he doesnt want to be tied down with a child , he isnt using that to upset you and I have found rhe hard way ,that you may be pregant now ,but someone thats wants you to do only as he says ,may become physical after the baby ,when he feels more trapped,I really hope things work out for you ,but always remember a man that doesnt want your child ,isnt worth it ,if that is rhe reason ,and believe me since putting my use to be husband in his place and making him feel what it feels like to be in fear and be abused ,our life now is completely differant and we decide things together and ,wether its because he now knows what I can do ,when I stand up for myself or not ,it has made him so nice and no more big mouth ,and I since knowing wether it is right or wrong that I can kick his ass lol not that I want to do that now ,but just knowing gives me a secure and nice feeling ,and believe me he now knows his place and treats me like the women Iam ,and I guess even a women needs a little feeling of power once in awhile ,let us know how you makeout and good luck with the baby ,Amy and Bruce

  6. Hey there
    My husband beats me up on and off and emotionally abuses me as well and he justifies it by saying you made me do that.He hit me on our honeymoon,when i was pregnant,in post pregnancy ,a week and a half back he hit me while traveling and today he beat me so badly i feel dead inside and out.he is never home with me or my daughter.all his time is either for his friends or online. he says women are trash . he does the beating and then he blames me for everything. i am so tired , i don’t know what to do,i live in a society where i can’t just take leave the house and leave him.i so need a way out,i don’t know what to do.

    1. You need to leave him. You never know when the next beating may be your last time on earth. You can go to a local women’s shelter and/or ask the police for resources for you. Don’t simply think this is the life you have to live.

  7. My partner beat me…
    My mum went to the police and it turns out he has a very long history of it.. I have left him and up till now have not made a statement against him. The police have told me he will go straight on remand and a conviction is definite if I make a statement.. they are still pursuing a case with or without my statement. Why do I feel so guilty, I feel sorry for him and the thought of him going to prison over me, he lied, controlled, cheated and eventually beat me.. he knocked both my front teeth loose, split my lip open (had 12 stitches) I’ve got an airline fracture to my jaw and had a black eye. Prior to this he tried strangling me two weeks earlier!
    I’ve told my mum I will make a statement as I owe it to her to have some peace of mind.. he’s already broke his bail conditions and turned up at my place of work all while living back with his ex who he has children with and this is who he cheated on me with numerous times over the course of two years…but I’m now sitting here today having doubts again… please help x

    1. Angela: You need to contact the authorities immediately. Also, I would recommend that you seek some professional counseling. Value your life and the life of your family and get the help you need to remedy this situation. I will be praying for you and hope that everything works out for you.

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