Happy 49th Birthday President Barack H. Obama

Revolutionary Paideia would like to take a brief moment and wish President Barack H. Obama a happy 49th birthday! We hope that you will have a great day today and we appreciate your public service to our country. This is a day that conservatives, moderates, liberals, Democrats, Republicans, and Independents can come together to wish our American President a happy birthday! Regardless of how you feel about President Obama, you should have the decency to wish him a happy birthday. If you find that you cannot wish this man a happy birthday, then you might want to examine yourself really carefully because clear thinking individuals are willing to do this. Although Revolutionary Paideia does not endorse President Obama, we do honor the office of the President of the United States of America and we do appreciate President Obama’s public service. Again, happy birthday President Obama!

Antonio Maurice Daniels

University of Wisconsin-Madison


    1. Keisha, do you even have enough education to judge the blog of a person who will shortly have two Ph.Ds and who is a college instructor at a large and prestigious research university? Judging from your response that leaves much to be desired, I am confident in saying that you don’t. The only reason that I said that Revolutionary Paideia does not endorse President Obama is this is the blog of a person who operates a non-partisan think tank, so I would not be able to endorse President Obama even if I wanted to. For you to say that my blogs (referring to my posts/articles) are “weak anyway,” then why would you read them if you feel this way about them? If I’m so “stupid,” then why would you read what I write? Hmm…sounds like we have identified the real stupid person here, have we not? I would like you to know that I have over 65,000 readers (in less than six months of blogging), so, if you don’t like my posts, then go drive off a cliff because over 65,000 readers nationally and internationally do. Let me give you a quick education, because that is what Revolutionary Paideia is all about, when you want to provide a critique of or about something, always provide some specificity, evidence, and reasoning for your argument–don’t simply state your argument. If you were enrolled in my English 1101 course, this would be one of the first things that you would learn from my course. Go get a real education! Oh, by the way, thanks for reading and your response!

    2. Congratulations, Keisha! Your evident grasp of the language is only exceeded by your keen ability to condemn “Revolutionary Paideia” in only 14 words, 7 periods and no capitals.

      I will say, Wow! Or, as you’d probably understand more clearly, OMG!…OMG!

      You obviously have such an insight of Antonio’s legitimacy to blog, I’d love for you to visit Goose Quill Blog to scan a post or two of mine and comment on them.
      You have certainly mastered the lessons of the “Olbermann-Maddow School of Progressive Criticism” which always leaves your subjects agape.

      I can’t wait to read how you will destroy me in so few words.

      Thank you in advance Keisha, and, oh yes – Happy Birthday Mr. Obama!


      1. Lol! Lol! Lol! Lol! Thanks, Goose! I cannot even begin to understand what is the problem she has with this post and the other “weak” ones. I thought this was a really positive post and one that was quite kind to President Obama. Oh well, I guess Keisha does not think so. Lol!

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