Revolutionary Paideia Acknowledged By Pampered Sweet Tooth

I have the joy to report that my article, “Don’t Be A Flip-Flop,” has been featured on Pampered Sweet Tooth ( Pampered Sweet Tooth also has me listed on her BlogRoll as an “Academic Pampered Sweet Tooth (PST).” If you are in the Atlanta, Georgia area, or if you plan to visit the Atlanta, Georgia area, then be sure to place an order at Magnolia’s Sweet Haven, LLC ( for some chocolate covered strawberries, cheesecakes (even cheesecake minis), and/or candy/dessert tables. The owner of Magnolia’s Sweet Haven, LLC is Santresa L. Glass-Hunt, a graduate of Albany State University (undergraduate degree in English), Troy University (master’s degree in Management), and has certificates in Event and Meeting Planning from the University of Georgia and Clayton State University. Mrs. Glass-Hunt is certainly an accomplished woman with tremendous products that are sure to “pamper your sweet tooth.”

Again, be sure to check out her tribute to my blog, Revolutionary Paideia, and you will also see my comment to her. I encourage you to check out her blog and leave a comment about what you think about one of her posts and/or what you think about her blog in general. I’m tremendously honored, Pampered Sweet Tooth!

Antonio Maurice Daniels

University of Wisconsin-Madison


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