Terrell Owens

Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens Are New Teammates

Wow! Terrell Owens (T.O.) has recently been signed by the Cincinnati Bengals. With the new signing of T.O., he will now be teammates with Chad Ochocinco. Whether or not you are a football fan or not, the pairing of Ochocinco and T.O. is going to add more excitement to your life and more drama than any daytime soap opera can ever expect to. While some people think that this is going to be a serious clash of egos, I would like you to understand that these two individuals have been bonding from the work that they have been engaged with on their own televisions shows. With their desire to gain more and more attention, they understand that being on the same team only gives them a greater chance to stay relevant in the minds of fans about what they are going to do each game—not just athletically but also in the area of entertainment.

I think T.O.’s ability to get signed with the Cincinnati Bengals presents him with the best opportunity at this point in his career to win a Super Bowl. Although I was hoping that he would sign with the Pittsburgh Steelers, I know that Carlson Palmer will love having his big play ability on his team. Last season, the Cincinnati Bengals enjoyed a successful season. With T.O. added to an already very good team, they can look forward to even more success this year.

T.O. is simply misunderstood. This man just wants to win. As a former student-athlete, I understand his zeal for winning. Although I do not approve of all of the things that T.O. has done, I do not think that we should overlook this man’s hunger for winning and how hard he works to be the best possible player he can be. Without question, T.O. is one of the most phenomenonal wide receivers to play the game. The fact that his new coach, Marvin Lewis, is African-American may inspire a new confidence in T.O. that may elevate his already extremely high level of confidence—so look out! Lol!

I really hope that T.O. does not go to Cincinnati and harm the team chemistry in any way. The fans of the Cincinnati Bengals really love Carlson Palmer and will not tolerate any attempt by T.O. to criticize him, especially for not throwing him the ball and blaming him as the reason why the Bengals lost a game. If T.O. resorts to this type of behavior, he can rest assured in knowing that he will be on a fast flight out of town. I really do not think, however, that T.O. will resort to this type of behavior. He is really happy to have a legitimate chance to win a Super Bowl at this stage in his career, and I see that he will be investing his time in getting better as a player and to helping his team to attempt to win a Super Bowl.

One thing that NFL football fans can look forward to this season is great entertainment from T.O. and Chad Ochocinco.

Antonio Maurice Daniels

University of Wisconsin-Madison