Reproductive health

Make Healthy Sexual Choices

Black Gay Men

Too many people are dying because they are having random and casual unprotected sexual intercourse. Too many people are getting sexual transmitted diseases because they are choosing ephemeral pleasure over safe sexual intercourse. Now, I know there may be times when sexual intercourse cannot be planned, but the one thing you can do is make sure you use protection during sexual intercourse. As you know, a condom cannot protect you from everything. A condom cannot be used during every type of sexual act to make every sexual act safer. You will, therefore, have to exercise some control and good judgment. The way that many people are acting it seems that they value a penis or vagina more than they do life itself. In case you did not know, there are real diseases out there you can get that can kill you.

I would like to recommend to student organizations on college campuses that are seriously concerned about students making healthy sexual choices to be more serious and use less entertainment in your approach to students. When you engage in acts that are intentionally over-the-top to get students’ attention, they remember the over-the-top things you did and not the serious messages about good sexual health you are offering. While I do support abstinence only sex education in middle and high school, I do not think that abstinence only sex education is realistic and effective on college campuses. We should make more investments in helping students to make healthy sexual choices and help them to do more things that prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. I do not, however, want student organizations on college campuses telling students about using abortion as an option to terminate unwanted pregnancies.

Although women should not have to worry about if what they are wearing will make them more likely to get raped, the reality is you do have to worry about it. Women, make sure that you dress in a way that is going to make you less likely to be raped when you are out late at night. If you can, try to go out with at least another woman so that you are not traveling alone. Making a healthy sexual choice involves you dressing in a way that is going to make you less likely to be victimized by someone who is not concerned about your sexual health. Mothers, please let your daughters know when they are leaving the house looking like whores. If they get raped, then you will at least have protested them leaving the house looking like whores.

Many people think it is cute to go around and have sex with everyone possible. Please get wiser than this. We live in a time when just one wrong sexual choice can lead you to death. It’s time out for trying to sleep with as many random people as you can. Make a commitment to improving your sexual health by reducing the number of people you have sex with and the number of times you are having risky and unprotected sex.

To men and women, don’t allow random people to ejaculate in your mouths and swallow it. A condom will not prevent you from a potential disease that you may get from engaging in such an act. If you are going to do this, then make sure it is with someone you have had a committed relationship with.

Antonio Maurice Daniels

University of Wisconsin-Madison