O’Brien Schofield

NFL Player O’Brien Schofield, Ciara, and Stalking Claims on Twitter

O'Brien Schofield

(Photo Credit: Arizona Cardinals)

O’Brien Schofield, former University of Wisconsin-Madison linebacker and current Arizona Cardinals linebacker, has been accused of stalking Ciara, a R&B star, on Twitter (see it here: http://blogs.bet.com/entertainment/spotlight/2010/09/07/nfl-star-denies-cyber-stalking-ciara/) by some people. O’Brien Schofield denies the claims. Although his tweets do not demonstrate that he is seriously stalking Ciara, what is important about his tweets are they indicate how important it is for him to be more responsible about how he conducts himself, especially in public. He must learn that his status as an NFL player is going to place him in the public eye constantly. It seems to me that this is exactly what he wants, but he never thought that his actions on Twitter would gain him this type of negative attention.

O’Brien Schofield thinks that just because he is an NFL player that this will make Ciara want him. Boy please! You are not even that good of a player and don’t nobody really even know who you are. You were not even really that good of a player at UW-Madison, and you certainly was not a hot commodity with the ladies at UW-Madison. So what would make you think that Ciara would even consider you? If you don’t already know by now, cyberstalking is a serious crime. Although I know you were not seriously stalking Ciara, your careless and stupid comments on Twitter placed you in a position to have your tweets seriously investigated.

Mr. Schofield, if you don’t know already, Ciara does not want you and probably never will—face it! I would encourage you to never do anything again that could potentially get you suspended from the NFL. As you know, NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell does not play! You could have risked a million dollar salary by doing something so stupid. Embrace the fact that you are simply a below average NFL football player. You were able to get a spot in the NFL because you played in the weak Big Ten on the weak UW-Madison football team and not in the SEC, where you would not have even started.

I hope you have accomplished what you wanted by your tweets: to get attention. Be more responsible!

Antonio Maurice Daniels

University of Wisconsin-Madison