Jeff Long

Open Letter to John L. Smith, Paul Petrino, and Paul Haynes

John L. Smith

Dear John L. Smith, Paul Petrino, and Paul Haynes:

The purpose of this letter is to express my outrage at you for blaming the players for the 4 – 8 losing season last year.  Paul Petrino, if you’re looking to blame someone, start with your brother first and then blame your horrible coaching.  John L. Smith, you’re a joke!  Paul Haynes, you could not come up with a defensive scheme to stop anyone we faced, even in the four games we won.  It was your poor defensive coaching that caused the Razorbacks to have a losing season.

Paul Petrino, Athletic Director Jeff Long was justified in only giving John L. Smith a 10 month contract: look what happened—a 4 – 8 season.  You guys were not good enough coaches to come up with a winning strategy to defeat Louisiana-Monroe. I repeat, Louisiana-Monroe.  Are you serious?

Each one of you should look in the mirror and place all of the blame for the 4 -8 season at Arkansas on the person in the mirror.  Those guys played tremendously hard and even believed in you guys, but you now want to be disrespectful to them now by placing all of the blame on them, the players—that’s simply disgusting.

You should be glad that you were granted an opportunity to coach at a program of the caliber of the University of Arkansas.  In all honesty, you never were worthy of coaching at Arkansas in the first place.  I want you to know that your current players will never trust you because they see how nasty you are treating your former players at Arkansas.  A coach should never place the blame on his players for having a losing season.  It is ridiculous for you to say that players who are seriously injured were faking their injuries.  I know those guys.  They would never fake an injury.  I have seen some of those players who were really too injured to step on the field get on the field without regard for doing further damage to their bodies.

Arkansas Razorback fans look forward to years of success with one of the best top-to-bottom coaching staffs in the nation.  We’re led by one of the best coaches in the nation, Bret Bielema.

John L. Smith, you need to worry about your bankruptcy issues.  You were fired and are now coaching at one of the smallest football programs in the nation, which means you’re a reject.  Paul Petrino, you need to focus on helping your brother to end his whorish ways.  You will never be a successful coach.  Paul Haynes, it’s only a matter of time before Kent State University discovers you are a loser.  Learn how to coach defense!

I’m a proud Arkansas Razorback!  Razorback fans are proud of our players!


Antonio Maurice Daniels

Support Coach Bobby Petrino

Last night, University of Arkansas Athletic Director Jeff Long made a decision to place University of Arkansas Head Football Coach Bobby Petrino on paid administrative leave.  At a time when the Razorback football program is flourishing, Jeff Long could make a decision to fire Coach Petrino.  Although all of the details about Coach Petrino’s motorcycle accident and issues surrounding that motorcycle accident have not completely been revealed, one thing all Razorback fans know is how valuable he is to our football program.  Since the decision to place Coach Petrino on paid administrative leave has been made, I’ve been leading a grassroots effort to keep him as our head football coach.  Right now, we cannot afford to lose Coach Petrino as our head football coach.

I’m not sure why the University of Arkansas Athletic Department is trying to act all holy right now, considering I’ve worked on the inside of the University of Arkansas Athletic Department and know that worse things go on than these current issues with Coach Petrino.  We must flood Athletic Director Jeff Long’s email addresses and telephone with our support for Coach Bobby Petrino to remain the head football coach.  We need him immediately back on the football field to prepare our team to win the BCS National Championship.

Please email Athletic Director Jeff Long at the following email addresses to express your support for Coach Petrino to remain the head coach of our football team: and  Additionally, call his university office number: (479) 575-7641.  Take a moment and join the “Team Save Coach Petrino” Facebook group.

Act today!

Antonio Maurice Daniels

University of Wisconsin-Madison