Getting Played

You Were Just Convenient—Don’t Trip

You can make yourself look and feel like a fool when you think that a person was and is so mesmerized by you sexually—when in reality, he or she was just having sex with you just because you were available.  Some people think that because a person was asking and/or wanting to have sex with them a significant number of times means that he or she has an obsession.  If you’re this type of person, then you need to reconsider your thinking.  If a person has a high sex drive or is just looking for affection because there is really not many options available in the area, then you’ve got to understand that it’s not really about how great you are, but more about you being able to supply the person’s needs.  Therefore, don’t go around thinking that you’re all that because the person was desiring you so much—he or she could have been just using you for sex, and you’re going around thinking that he or she just cannot get enough of you.

You have to understand that people have sexual needs and when options to have sex are limited, you may just be their means to an end.

While you are out telling people that the person is obsessed with you, you must have been obsessed with the person too because you were willing to have sex with him or her so many times.  Did you ever think about this?  Did the thought ever cross your mind that you were the one getting dominated and played?

Just because someone asked and/or wanted to have sex with you a significant number of times does not mean that you are a good sexual performer.  Again, if he or she has limited options available, then you are just his or her most reasonable option to having sexual intercourse.  Now, when people have extremely high sex drives, they may try to get sex from almost anyone available.  Therefore, you could be that person who was just available to help them satisfy their sexual appetite.

For those of you who think that you are some type of sexual prize, you might need to reconsider your thinking. You might just be someone’s useful idiot.  Did you ever consider that you are and/or have been someone’s useful idiot?

Things are not always what they seem.

Excessive arrogance can cause you to overestimate your sexual worth.  It can cause you to not try to make yourself better each time you have sex.  Therefore, while you thought that you were providing the individual with the greatest sexual experience that he or she has ever had each time you had sex, you really were not because your excessive arrogance led you to never ask how you performed.

If you’re a whore, that is, you have had sex with so many people, then you should not be parading around like you’re something special.  Please! Everyone in town has probably slept with you.  What’s special about you now?

Be careful about thinking that everybody wants you.  It can be that they see you’re just easy and always available.  Do you feel so arrogant now?

Antonio Maurice Daniels

University of Wisconsin-Madison