Extrinsic Rewards

7 Rewards of Teaching

Black Male Teacher

When one makes the decision to become a teacher, he or she will receive numerous rewards.  Too often the focus is placed on the negative dimensions of teaching (and justifiably so in many cases); however, discourses that concentrate on the more challenging aspects of teaching should not deter one from joining such a noble profession.  What follows is a list of seven rewards (both extrinsic and intrinsic) one will gain by becoming a teacher:

1.      Modest salaries.  Although teachers are not paid what they deserve to be paid, one will receive a salary that is fairly comparable to those in similar fields with similar levels of educational attainment.  Most teachers receive a benefits package, which usually includes healthcare insurance, retirement compensation and etc.

 2.      Social Status

 3.      Power

 4.      Good Work Schedule.  Most teachers don’t have to work during the summer and are paid while they enjoy their summer vacation.

 5.      Change Students’ Lives.  Each day, you will have an opportunity to ameliorate and impact the lives of tomorrow’s leaders.  Your students’ interactions with you will have an enduring impact on how they think, learn, and progress.  When you see them evolve into great citizens and leaders, you will know that you played in an instrumental role in helping them to become who they are.

 6.      Stimulation and Support from Fellow Teachers

 7.      Performance of a Significant Social Service

What are some rewards of teaching you would add to this list?

Antonio Maurice Daniels

University of Wisconsin-Madison