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Whoopi Goldberg’s Anti-Fashion Look

Whoopi Goldberg

(Photo Credit: Black Film)

On ABC’s The View, Whoopi Goldberg shares with television viewers her unique fashion style.  It seems that her fashion style resists hegemonic American fashion expectations.  An American woman has to confront societal fashion norms: she is expected to dress in appealing and feminine ways.  To be honest, Goldberg always looks sloppy and like she’s just lounging around her home or ready for bed. The thought that she simply does not know how to dress in an attractive and professional manner would not be reflective of perspicacious thinking, however.  Goldberg is a smart and highly accomplished.  She’s also very interested in politics and making political statements.  With this in mind, it does not appear sagacious to divorce her politics from her fashion (or anti-fashion) style.

Even before Whoopi Goldberg joined The View, she was not interested in the politics of respectability, that is, politics that asserts that one must look and act a certain way.  She’s unafraid to be herself.  In an America where assimilation and duplicity are increasingly becoming more embraced, Goldberg’s conspicuous commitment to being herself is refreshing and should be commended.  Although your view of what she should wear as a professional may not align with her idea, it’s vital to understand that you should not attempt to impose your view on her.  Dress how you want to dress and let her enjoy the same freedom.

When you see Goldberg in clothing that is noticeably loose-fitting, do you ever consider that one of the primary motivations behind her fashion choices is comfort?  Is it too unbearable to contemplate a person resisting both traditional and postmodern fashion styles?

What Whoopi Goldberg wears does not have an impact on how well she’s able to do her job.  If Goldberg started dressing like Oprah, would this change how well she’s able to do her job?  No!

Although, as previously mentioned, I believe that the way she dresses is sloppy and looks like she’s lounging around at home or ready for bed, I have no desire for her to change the way she wants to dress.  I also have no longing to impose my fashion style on her.  Fashion gives one an opportunity to express his or her individuality, and we all should respect Goldberg’s expression of her individuality through her fashion style.  Additionally, as previously mentioned, we might find it useful to consider the political statement(s) her fashion style divulges.

Let Whoopi simply be Whoopi.

Have you ever had an experience with someone who has tried to impose his or her fashion style on you?  Do you believe there is a certain way that those who are on television should dress?  Does the way Whoopi Goldberg dress bother you?

Antonio Maurice Daniels

University of Wisconsin-Madison

The Stale Steffy, Liam, and Hope Drama on The Bold and the Beautiful

The Bold and the Beautiful(Photo Credit: Facebook)

It’s time for the writers and producers of The Bold & the Beautiful to become more imaginative.  The drama between Steffy, Liam, and Hope has lasted far too long.  Many of the show’s most loyal fans are exhausted with the never-ending vacillating of Liam: one moment he cannot live without Hope and the next moment he cannot live without Steffy.  The show is suffering mightily from not having enough characters.  Even though there are efforts to bring a few additional characters on the show, a few additional characters will not be enough.  The writers and producers need to expand the number of characters to match the number The Young & the Restless has.  By increasing the number of characters the show has, this will make it easier for the writers and producers to not have Brooke in love with her brother-in-law Dollar Bill Spencer.

The Bold & the Beautiful is quickly becoming one of the most boring soap operas, which is quite unfortunate, considering it has been one of the most interesting for a long time.  The writers and producers shouldn’t assume they will have the same large viewership they have enjoyed over the years.  Postmodern audiences can be fickle.  You need to do something fast to keep the superior ratings you’ve had over the years.

A serious effort needs to be made to bring Ridge back.  The show’s loyal fans have grown accustomed to seeing him and consider him to be one character who should remain permanently.  Brooke and Ridge should be reunited.  Their relationship never lacked excitement, while still offering a powerful example of how true love can help a couple to overcome almost anything.

Moreover, giving Oliver a more important role on the show would greatly ameliorate it.  Let Oliver and Hope form a loving and happy relationship that inevitably leads to a remarkable marriage.  Oliver can certainly be more than just a photographer and minor character.  When you think about it, Hope and Oliver are really an apt fit: they both are boring and lack personality.

I think it was a poor decision to let Steffy’s baby die and allow Brooke’s baby to live.  What sense does that make?  The writers and producers seem to show favoritism toward the Logans.  The Logans always appear to get just what they want in the end.

Make an effort to turn Dollar Bill Spencer into the next Stefano DiMera.  This will help to make the show exciting to watch again.  Bill has proved to be one of the most interesting characters on the show, even during this current period of decline the show is experiencing due to the trite storyline between Steffy, Liam, and Hope.  Allow Taylor and Eric to share authentic love.  It’s time for the hackneyed feud between Brooke and Taylor to retire.

Bring more Black characters to the show and give them vital roles.  This will afford the show an opportunity to attract new viewers and give it essential revitalization.

Antonio Maurice Daniels

University of Wisconsin-Madison