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Nihilists’ Assault on Albany State University President Dr. Everette Freeman

Everette Freeman

(Photo Credit: Rolling Out)

While Albany State University celebrated Homecoming last week, unfortunate news was promulgated.  Dr. Everette Freeman, the 8th and current president of Albany State University, was hired as the new president of Community College of Denver (CCD) in Denver, Colorado.  Freeman has served as president of Albany State University since 2005.  He instigated and implemented significantly positive reforms, and his record as president of Albany State University is impressive.  Other presidents of the university weren’t able to transform the city of Albany into a true college town, but one of Freeman’s greatest achievements is forging meaningful relationships with members of Albany, Georgia’s business community, leading to the city being an authentic college town, with Albany State University positioned as the leading higher education institution in town and Southwest Georgia.

Regrettably, throughout Dr. Freeman’s tenure at Albany State University, he faced tremendous opposition from a vociferous and active small number of change resistors.  Before and during his administration, there were people who did not embrace the essential reforms he was proposed and enacted.  Most of the folks who oppose Dr. Freeman are nihilists.  As nihilists, they don’t believe and support anything and anyone—no matter how great that anything or person is.  They simply want to keep up trouble for the sake of keeping up trouble.  Although there are more people who agree with the reforms Dr. Freeman championed and instituted, these nihilists are relentlessly peevish, acrimonious, and aggressive in their opposition to Dr. Freeman (and any other Albany State University President).

The most foolish and weakest protest in world history occurred at Albany State University.  A small group, primarily composed of nihilists, protested against Dr. Freeman and called for his resignation.  There was limited student participation in this protest.  Darin Edgecomb and Chuncey Ward were two student participants of the protest and both cited weak reasons for protesting and calling for Freeman’s resignation.  Shortly after the protest occurred, I had an opportunity to have a brief telephone conversation with Edgecomb, and I asked him to expound on why he participated in the protest and called for Freeman’s resignation.  He continued to repeat weak reasons and stated, “Tony, you just have to be down here and see what’s going on.”  If Freeman’s leadership was as horrible as Edgecomb and Ward contended, then they would have been able to give more substantive reasons for why he should resign.  They never proffered compelling reasons, however.

Although Dr. Freeman did not exercise wise judgment in throwing and hitting former Albany State University Vice President for Institutional Advancement Angela Getter with a small magazine during an argument, this is not a good enough reason to call for his resignation.  Some sources divulged that Getter had a history of being disrespectful to Freeman and was disrespectful at the time of him throwing and hitting her with the small magazine.  Regardless of who is right or wrong in this matter between Freeman and Getter, it’s not consequential enough to necessitate his resignation.

As the decision making process is taking place about who will be the next president of Albany State University, it’s clear that he or she will face this same opposition from nihilists at Albany State University and from some of the nihilists who are alums of the university.  Albany State University will be unable to be all it can be as long as nihilists are employed by the institution.  A number of people employed by the university are simply change resistors.  Dr. Freeman refused to allow change resistors to prevent the institution from continuing to move forward.  Under his leadership, Albany State University moved progressively forward.

For those who desire for Albany State University to be the best university it can be, they must get organized and engaged.  We cannot allow the nihilists and change resistors to drown out our voices with their venomous words and actions.  It’s time for those who truly love Albany State University to unite and take action to move our beloved institution forward.  Our collective action has the power to disintegrate the words and actions of nihilists and change resistors who are inside and outside of Albany State University.

Dr. Freeman is a true patriot for his great service and leadership at Albany State University.  While the nihilists and change resistors do not appreciate his service and leadership, many more people are proud and appreciative of his service and leadership.

Antonio Maurice Daniels

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Tyrann Mathieu and Albany State University Are a Great Fit

Tyrann Mathieu

Recently, Tyrann Mathieu, a talented Louisiana State University (LSU) defensive back and punt return specialist, was dismissed from LSU for violating team and university rules.  After the decision was reached by administrative officials at LSU, Tyrann Mathieu started looking for eligible schools he could attend.  It has been reported that he is seriously considering attending McNeese State UniversityAlbany State University offers Tyrann Mathieu the greater opportunity to demonstrate his talent and get his life together, however.

By attending Albany State University, this will move him a long distance away from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Albany State University is located in Albany, Georgia.  In Albany, Georgia, Mr. Mathieu will be situated in a city with good values and in a city with denizens who will not allow him to allow himself to handle his fame recklessly.  Mike White, Albany State University Head Football Coach, is a no-nonsense guy and coach who will not treat Tyrann any different than any other player on his team.  Mr. Mathieu will have to run through those gruesome sand dunes on one of the practice fields at Albany State University.

Albany State University is the most successful team in the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SIAC).  At Albany State University, he will receive the right amount of publicity, benefit from coaches who are truly going to be committed to making him better on the field, in the classroom, and off the field, and he will not be looked at and used as a “messiah” to save a failing football team, considering Albany State University is the most successful football team and athletic program in the SIAC.  Albany State University’s football team is a perennial National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division II power.

Albany State University


At McNeese State University, Tyrann Mathieu will be expected to be a “messiah” for an average at best team.  It simply makes sense for him to select a school with a football program that has a winning tradition as the one he is leaving at LSU.  With that in mind, Albany State University would be an excellent choice.  He would leave one winning football program and go to another winning football program.  Mr. Mathieu must think about the reason why his great talents have been noticed: he’s been on great football teams.  By going to McNeese State University or any of the other schools it has been reported that he may select, including Jackson State University, he runs the risk of National Football League (NFL) scouts not gaining the best opportunity to assess his skills and his NFL stock could suffer even more if he’s on a team that’s nothing special.

A union between Albany State University and Tyrann Mathieu makes great sense.  Make it happen!

Antonio Maurice Daniels

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Jason “JuiceSoul” Williams: America’s Best Unsigned Vocalist

Jason “JuiceSoul” Williams is unquestionably one of the best vocalists in America. Go to to sample his music and to purchase his music. You can also hear his music on YouTube on his YouTube channel (JuiceSoul’s Channel) at Follow him on Twitter at (@JuiceSoulMusic). Become his friend on Facebook at You will thank me later!

Jason Williams is a native of Augusta, Georgia and received undergraduate training in English at Albany State University in Albany, Georgia. He currently resides in Smyrna, Georgia. Mr. Williams is furthering his academic training in English and Elementary Education at the University of Phoenix.  He has served as a Title I Tutor for the Richmond County School system in Augusta, Georgia. Jason has a demonstrated commitment to education and to ameliorating the quality of education for young people. Therefore, JuiceSoul is not only a great singer—he’s a great educator, mind, and community activist.

It was at Albany State University in Albany, Georgia that I got the chance to first hear JuiceSoul sing and perform. I was completely impressed by his raw talent. When he sings, you feel his music. JuiceSoul communicates a powerful and compelling story with each word that he sings. He writes his own music too. One of my favorite songs that he has composed and song is “Intentionally,” which is also the first song that I heard and saw him perform. I also love “Kill For You” and “Made Her A Woman,” which you can hear and purchase at the aforementioned sites.

For those of you out there needing a vocalist to sing at your wedding ceremony or wedding anniversary or event, JuiceSoul has a company, Together Forever Wedding Music, which you can contact to have him come to sing for you. Contact his company at and/or (706) 399-5061.

To music fans out there, I ask for you to first go to and purchase JuiceSoul’s music for only $9.99 for your mp3 player and/or $10 for a CD. Go to his YouTube channel at and listen to his music and post a comment (and click the “Like” button). Next, request his music to be played by your local radio stations. Finally, use Twitter, Facebook, blogs, websites, letters to the Editor of your local newspapers, word of mouth, and etc. to let people know about Jason “JuiceSoul” Williams’ music.

To the music producers and record companies, you will be hearing from me about this outstanding young Black male vocalist.

I intend to lead an effort to have JuiceSoul signed by a major record label. Why? It’s not simply because he’s a great vocalist, former college classmate, great father, educated Black man, great educator, great community activist, and great mind (did you see all of those uses of the word “great”), but it ultimately comes down to the fact that Jason “JuiceSoul” Williams is a tremendously humble person. He’s got all of this talent and remains so humble. In our contemporary period, this level of humbleness is something to be treasured. Jason did not ask me to pen this feature on him, and I did let him know that I would be doing a feature on him. He, again, demonstrated his humbleness in thanking me.

With over 131,000 readers in one year of the existence of this blog, Revolutionary Paideia, I have committed myself to using this blog as a vehicle for uplifting and advancing people. This feature on Jason “JuiceSoul” Williams is the least I can do for him. Revolutionary Paideia will be used as a medium to promote this great vocalist. For those who love to say that they support emerging artists, here is an opportunity for you to do something to support an emerging artist who deserves a national and international audience.

Revolutionary Paideia will have more about Jason “JuiceSoul” Williams in the upcoming months. Revolutionary Paideia plans to purchase more of his music and have giveaways of his music, so you need to keep reading Revolutionary Paideia for your opportunity to win free music by this outstanding vocalist.

Jason, keep up the great work! I will be praying for you and supporting you all the way to stardom and so will many of my readers! God bless you!

Antonio Maurice Daniels

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Online Education, Students of Color, and Access to Higher Education

Many people of color simply have circumstances that do not allow them to attend traditional brick and mortar higher education institutions. Fortunately, higher education has a strong online presence. Most traditional colleges and universities now offer some type of training and/or undergraduate and graduate degrees online. For example, at the University of Arkansas (, one can select from a range of undergraduate and graduate degree programs (even doctoral degree programs). For students looking to attend a historically Black college or university, Albany State University ( offers undergraduate and graduate degrees online. Another traditional brick and mortar university that offers undergraduate and graduate degrees online is Troy University ( For people of color looking to pursue higher education and need to benefit from the flexibility of not having to attend a college or university in person, I highly recommend you consider attending a college or university online. You may be thinking that you could attend college if only you could have the flexibility of not having to attend classes physically. This may be the thought of some people who think that their current jobs would interfere with them attending college.

In a post-affirmative action society, many students of color should really consider online education as a means of receiving training in higher education. You may not have the funds to live on campus, so it may benefit you to attend the college or university you plan to attend online. If you want to participate in student activities on campus, you can always drive to the physical campus—if the institution is near you.

One of the strongest reasons why I think online education can be one of the best ways to improve access to higher education is it reduces costs that accompany physically attending a college or university. For example, if you are attending college online, then you don’t have to worry about parking costs, increased fuel costs, having transportation to and from school, room and board expenses, and etc. For many people of color, these significant savings can make the difference in their ability to attend college.

Some acts of racism can be avoided by attending classes online. If you attend a predominantly White institution online, then you could avoid campus issues that involve race in undesirable ways.

For those interested in attending completely online universities that do not have challenging admission standards, then you might want to consider Walden University ( and Argosy University ( Those two online universities are accredited by the same accreditors who accredit an elite university like the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Walden University and Argosy University are two quality online universities that some students of color who have not performed well coming out of high school or even undergrad should consider.

I am not trying to promote online education as the panacea to problems that students of color have with gaining increased access to higher education. Online education, however, is something we should consider when thinking about how to improve access to higher education for students of color.

Antonio Maurice Daniels

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Albany State University Will Defeat Delta State University

On tomorrow, Albany State University will defeat Delta State University in the quarterfinals of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division II playoffs. The Albany State University Golden Rams will host Delta State in Albany, Georgia. ASU was victorious over Wingate last week. Revolutionary Paideia endorses Albany State University and predicts that the Albany State University Golden Rams will win the NCAA Division II National Championship. Albany State has a highly underrated Head Coach, Mike White. He always has the team ready to play to win the game. When Mike White’s team wins the national championship, he will never have to worry about being underrated any longer.

Albany State has one of the top offenses and defenses in the NCAA Division II. To defeat Delta State, and to win the remaining games in the playoffs, ASU will need to play well on both sides of the ball. I know that the Golden Rams will play well on both sides of the ball to defeat Delta State and the remaining teams in the playoffs. When the Golden Rams defeat Delta State, they will host another playoff game at home in Albany, Georgia.

I encourage all alumni to show support for Albany State University, and to go to the game on Saturday if you can. These guys have played tremendously well and are making Albany State University proud. Current students and alumni need to show up on Saturday and show Delta State why you don’t come to Albany, Georgia and come away with a win. I encourage all ASU alumni, students, faculty, administrators, and staff to be as loud as possible to make it a truly hostile environment for Delta State. I know that the ASU band will represent well for ASU as always.

Be sure to become Facebook friends with the ASU football players to let them know how much you support them and to let them know you believe that they will win the national championship. The stadium should sell out on Saturday. It should be so many people at the stadium on Saturday that Delta State wonders what they have gotten themselves into. One thing is for sure, however, the ASU football players will certainly help Delta State to understand that they have gotten themselves into a great mess when they crush them on the field. If you are not supporting the Golden Rams right now, don’t jump on their bandwagon when they win the NCAA Division II National Championship!

Let’s Go Rams!!!

Antonio Maurice Daniels

University of Wisconsin-Madison

The Significant Value of Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) are just as valuable as predominantly White institutions (PWIs). In fact, many HBCUs are better than PWIs. Don’t let people tell you that you should attend PWIs because HBCUs do not have any real value. Many successful Black people graduated from HBCUs. When you look at many well-known Black people’s academic backgrounds, you will find that they may have graduated with their master’s or doctoral degrees from Harvard, Yale, or Princeton, but their undergraduate degrees come from HBCUs like Albany State University, Howard University, Fisk University, or Hampton University. If you really want to be challenged and really want to receive an education instead of a miseducation, an HBCU is the place where you want to be.

If you are Black, an HBCU gives you access to a professional network to help you to advance academically, socially, and professionally. I have read too many blog posts and opinion pieces published in various venues that argue that HBCUs don’t prepare students for the real world because they don’t show students what the real world looks like. They have argued that having Blacks students situated predominantly with other Black students does not equip them to be able to work with and understand the predominantly White America we reside in. This, however, could not be further from the truth. Nobody knows better how to work with and understand White people better than Black people. Trust me! We, Blacks, have been working with White people even before this country was founded, so we kinda got this thing figured out by now. Ya dig what I’m saying?

A strong effort has been engaged in by many conservatives, Whites, and republicans to defund and dismantle HBCUs. Other than racist motivations, I cannot understand why these people would try to eliminate and damage HBCUs in this way. I wonder does it have to do with trying to prevent a significant percentage of Black people from gaining training in higher education. Don’t try to say that I’m simply playing the race card either. Why else would people try to eliminate and defund HBCUs then?

HBCUs have proven to be excellent training grounds for preparing students to find and excel in jobs, careers, and graduate and professional schools. When you attend an HBCU, you will be taught by professors who are not all Black—there is diversity in the faculty.  The staff is not all Black—HBCUs have diverse staffs. The students are not all Black either—just predominantly Black.

If you are a high school student looking to find a higher education institution that will prepare you for the future, I encourage you to consider one of the many fine HBCUs situated across America. I highly recommend that you look at attending Albany State University, Howard University, Hampton University, Morehouse College, Spelman College, and Fisk University. I could list many other HBCUs, but begin with those schools first, especially Albany State University. You will have a campus experience that cannot be duplicated by a PWI—this is simply a fact!

I would also like to encourage all alumni of HBCUs to enthusiastically support your HBCU of choice economically, socially, academically, and professionally. It is really not a good look when many Black graduates of HBCUs try to hide the fact that they went to HBCUs with their current or past attendance of prestigious PWIs. For me, this equals racial self-loathing and self-hatred. Stop this today!

I encourage everyone to give to your nearest HBCU today!

Antonio Maurice Daniels

University of Wisconsin-Madison

The Revolutionary Paideia September 2010 Person of the Month: Renaldo Cortez Blocker

It is with great pleasure that I name Renaldo Cortez Blocker as The Revolutionary Paideia September 2010 Person of the Month. Renaldo’s commitment to mentoring Black males across the country is noteworthy. Revolutionary Paideia is certainly committed to improving the outcomes and experiences of Black males across the nation. As you know, a person living or dead, is given The Revolutionary Paideia Person of the Month based on his or her embodiment of the spirit of “unsettling, unnerving, and unhousing” that gave birth to the creation of Revolutionary Paideia. Mr. Blocker’s unwavering commitment to ameliorating Black male student achievement is a commitment shared by Revolutionary Paideia, and this acknowledgement of his noble work is a small token of appreciation.

Renaldo also embodies the spirit of “unsettling, unnerving, and unhousing” that founded this blog by his ability to turnaround failing programs, activities, and organizations. I have had the great fortune to work with him on a number of projects and programs, and have found his work to be exceptional. He has changed the lives of so many people and constantly makes efforts to help others to experience success. He is a devoted servant to the community and disadvantaged populations.

Mr. Blocker is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Industrial and Systems Engineering and is a Graduate Engineering Research Scholars (GERS) Fellow. Renaldo also earned a master’s degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is a proud alum of Albany State University, where he completed his undergraduate degree with honors in Computer Science. Go Rams! Renaldo earned a master’s degree in Computer Science at San Francisco State University as a National Science Foundation (NSF) Bridge to the Doctorate LS-AMP Fellow. He has served as a Teaching Assistant at Albany State University and currently serves as one at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His dominant research interest focuses on ensuring patient safety during cardiac surgery in the operating room (OR), specifically concentrating on intraoperative handoffs. I could list more things about his academic record, but this article would not do it justice given my time limitations.

As the Undergraduate Advisor of the Beta Omicron Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., Renaldo, an active and exemplary member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., has done a tremendously job with helping to improve the academic, professional, social, and personal development of each one of his advisees. You can see his commitment to excellence reflected in his advisees. Although I could list numerous things that make Renaldo such a great Undergraduate Advisor for the Beta Omicron Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., one of the foremost things that has stood out to me is he leads his advisees by example. He is the epitome of what a good Kappa man should be, and his advisees learn from his great example. Mr. Blocker’s advisees are proud of him and he is proud of them.

One thing many people don’t know about Renaldo is he is not someone you want to make mad. Although he is abnormally skinny (LOL!), his bite is much powerful than his physical frame would suggest. Renaldo is one tough man! As a fearless warrior myself, this is something that I can really appreciate about him.

At the University of Wisconsin-Madison and in the city of Madison, Wisconsin, Black men do not always unite behind one another. In fact, there are some Black men at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and in the city of Madison, Wisconsin who would rather undermine one another than support their fellow Black men. Mr. Blocker is certainly a man of great character and committed to the success of all Black men and will never attempt to undermine anyone. He always sees the best in everyone—something that I admire about him.

Although Renaldo is not my biological brother, I consider us to be closer than most biological brothers. We consider ourselves REAL BROTHERS. Renaldo knows what true brotherhood is. Unquestionably, he is one of my two best friends.

Now, if you don’t think Renaldo is a strong person, I just have to tell you that you are so wrong. He has to deal with me all the time—you have to be extremely strong to do that.  I appreciate his unwavering support and loyalty. He is one my greatest supporters, which is not an easy thing to be, considering I am perceived by some to be such a controversial and radical person. Renaldo never allows any negative comments, attacks on my record, lies, and distortions about me to sway his support of me. He does what he can to protect my character and record—although he knows I don’t care what a hater has to say about me anyway. (I’m brushing my shoulders off right now too—LOL!)

Renaldo, your great work has not gone unnoticed.  You are a REAL ACHIEVER! You never have had to fabricate your record or make it seem like you have accomplished more than you actually have like some people do—your stellar record precedes you and speaks for itself. This is why it is not a problem for Revolutionary Paideia to endorse you and name you The Revolutionary Paideia September 2010 Person of the Month! I know my large readership will approve of my choice. Congratulations and keep up the great work!

Antonio Maurice Daniels

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Nothing’s Wrong With Being Yourself

It seems like no matter where I go people are  unwilling to be themselves. I have thought critically for years about why people are unwilling to be themselves and arrived at two dominant reasons: they lack courage and have unsatisficatory self-esteem. This lack of courage and satisificatory self-esteem has caused many people their chances at great success. While growing up in elementary, middle, and high school in Monticello, Georgia, some of my good friends who had opportunities to be great talents and college educated failed by the wayside because they lacked the courage and healthy self-esteem to combat peer pressure. They were unwiling to fight against the peer pressure that dared them to be different. Some of my Black male friends (while growing in Monticello, Georgia) resolved that getting good grades made you gay, so they elected to devote themselves to the “thug life” instead. I still love them very much and am not bashing them. I just wanted better for them and still do. Anyone who knows me well understands that I will do anything to help anyone, so don’t think that I’m being elitist at all!

While going to school in Albany, Georgia at Albany State University, I found that even college students lacked courage and satificatory self-esteem. Because some of them lacked the courage to resist not being “cool,” they flunked out of school. While attending the University of Arkansas, I saw how the lack of courage and satisificatory self-esteem caused some people to simply hate me because I had the willingness to be courageous enough to be myself. Guess what? I loved them then and love them now. See life is about loving one another. We often have to unsettle, unnerve, and unhouse people to make them better. This is what I do. It’s a tough job and is often misunderstood and mischaracterized but it’s an essential job for the betterment of human beings.

Since I have been here at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for a little over a year, I have been amazed at how unwilling people are to be themselves. Of course, my past experiences have taught me that many people lack a willingness to be themselves, but I have never witnessed how vexing this problem is until coming to Madison, Wisconsin. While here, I have experienced a person who de-friended me simply because she is miserable that she is unattractive and has not been able to get any man to pay her any attention in Madison, Wisconsin. I have also witnessed people who have betrayed me because they are envious and jealous of me. People have violated state and federal laws to try to undermine and prevent me from achieving some things while I have been here, because they are simply unsettled, unnerved, and unhoused by how completely happy I am to just be me. Guess what? I love them!

University of Wisconsin-Madison has given me the opportunity to see like never before the tremendous posturing, posing, lying, and masquearading people are willing to engage in just to hide who they reallly are. I have seen men who have demonstrated that they like other men, but will go to extremes just to prove to people they are not gay. I have also witnessed men who have been and are engaged in relationships with other women just so no one will call them gay. I have witnessed people with Ph.Ds who are jealous and envious of graduate students because they are about to graduate from an institution far more prestigious than the ones in which they graduated. How pathetic! Unlock the chains of bondage that you have placed on yourself!

If you are not willing to live free, then why want you just save yourself a whole lot of misery and just die? If you would think about it, when you are not willing to live your life freely, you are actually dead anyway.

It has to be a miserable life to worry about what other people are saying about you. It has to be a miserable life to try to live your life like others would have you to live it. It has to be a miserable life to pretend to be something you’re not. It has to be a miserable life to be gay and pretend to be straight. It has to be a miserable life to get a woman pregnant while having sex with men locally and across the country. It has to be a miserable life to feel like you’re unattractive and undesirable. It has to be a miserable life to know that you love your girlfriend or wife, but you don’t have the courage and self-esteem to resist the pressure of maintaining a “player” status. It has to be a miserable life to know that no one in your academic department likes you after you have tirelessly tried to be everyone’s friend. Guess what? I love you. I hope my love gives you a bit optimism.

Dare to be yourself! Dare to be free! Dare to fight peer pressure! Dare to combat low self-esteem! Dare to be courageous! Guess what? I love you all!

Antonio Maurice Daniels

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Happy 30th Birthday to Santresa L. Glass-Hunt

Santresa Glass

First, I would like to give honor to one of my bestfriends in the world: Santresa L. Glass-Hunt. She is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Magnolia’s Sweet Haven, LLC. Mrs. Glass-Hunt is a graduate of Albany State University, where she completed her undergraduate degree in English. She has a master’s degree from Troy University in Management and various certifications in events and meeting planning and management from the University of Georgia and Clayton State University. She is a published and a member of Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society.  San, as she is affectionately known, is co-authoring a scholarly book, Greening Higher and Postsecondary Education: Linking Eco-Justice and Social Justice, with me. While doing all of this, San still finds time to actively maintain her blog: . Most importantly, San is one of the most giving and caring people in the world.  The purpose of this article is to give Santresa L. Glass-Hunt the recognition she deserves for being the great person she is.

San never receives any public recognition for her great deeds and often does not gain the private recognition she is due.  I am here to give you the public recognition you have earned. With this article reaching a wide audience and a large number of people across the nation (and some international readers), this article will only be a small token of appreciation for the great things you have done for so many people. Although you may not feel that your work is always valued, please know that if no one values the work you do Jesus does. He knows about all of your struggles and pain. He even knows about all of your thoughts and struggles that you do not share with anyone.  Please know that what you are doing with your life is awesome, and you make so many people around you and who you encounter better people just because you come into their presence.

I want you to know that you are a fantastic wife, daughter, and stepmother—roles you have not received the proper honor and appreciation you are due. God rewards you for the stellar work you do in these roles. You are so special to me and we have so much fun together. We laugh together, cry together, rejoice together, pray together, vent together, sing together (LOL!), and vent together. People are so jealous and envious of our relationship and they just don’t understand it! This is one of the dominant reasons why we are so close—we don’t try to explain it!

On your special day, your 30th birthday, I wish you a day full of all of your wildest and grandest hopes, dreams, and desires. America better get ready for you because you are certainly a force to be reckoned with.  By the way, I want to thank you for telling me to tune into the T.I. interview with Larry King—you can be sure the articles to come from this interview that I pen will be unsettling, unnerving, and unhousing. On this day, know that I love you very much and would do anything for you. If this article is not well-written, know that I had to compose it while we were on the phone. Lol! I could write so much more, but I will stop here for the moment. God is working everything out in your favor. I love you and have a great 30th birthday! Oh by the way, expect a song really soon. Lmbo!

Antonio Maurice Daniels

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Magnolia’s Sweet Haven, LLC and Santresa L. Glass-Hunt

For those individuals situated in the Atlanta, Georgia area, I would like for you to consider making a purchase from Magnolia’s Sweet Haven, LLC. The owner, Santresa L. Glass-Hunt, is phenomenal. She offers cheesecakes, chocolate covered strawberries, and dessert tables. Mrs. Glass-Hunt is not only an accomplished businesswoman, but also a highly accomplished academic. She has an undergraduate degree in English from Albany State University (graduated with honors), a master degree from Troy University (formerly Troy State University), and has various business and event and meeting planning certificates from the University of Georgia and Clayton State University. She is a member of Sigma Tau Delta, the international English honor society and she is a published scholar. She is currently co-authoring a scholarly book with me about creating a more ecologically sustainable higher and postsecondary education milieu. With such a great academic background, one can come to understand why her business products are so impressive.

I very much encourage you to become a fan of Magnolia’s Sweet Haven, LLC on Facebook. She also has a very interesting and engaging blog that you should visit frequently at . On her blog, you will have the opportunity to learn more about this brilliant businesswoman, her products, and many other business related and non-business related phenomena. This is the first company and blog that Revolutionary Paideia has endorsed.

Again, I highly recommend this company and blog. I am more than confident that you will enjoy the company and blog. For those of you situated in the Atlanta, Georgia area, I encourage to get in contact with Santresa L. Glass-Hunt immediately and place your orders. She has a tremendously busy schedule filling orders, so please contact her immediately to receive your orders without delay. I appreciate your support of Magnolia’s Sweet Haven, LLC.

Antonio Maurice Daniels
University of Wisconsin-Madison