Tips for Evaluating People’s Work

1. Find something positive to say about the work of others, even if you do not like what they have produced.

2.  Offer suggestions for how they might improve what they have produced.

3.  Remember that people are human beings and do not want to feel humiliated by your critique of their work.

4.  Be honest and polite in evaluating people’s work.

5.  Understand that people have invested their time, energy, and resources into what they have produced.

6.  Be specific and precise in the feedback you provide.

7.  Give encouragement to people about their work.

8.  Ask questions about the work when you do not understand aspects of it.

9.  Remember that evaluation is not about finding everything that is wrong with a work.  You want to make sure that you highlight things that are done well in a work.

10.  Explain your rationale for why you evaluate the work in the way you do.

Antonio Maurice Daniels

University of Wisconsin-Madison


  1. Maurice,

    Honestly, I rolled my eyes as I read this, Like who does this?! How about we cut the chase, and say the truth and shame the devil.

    1. As one of the tips states, one should be honest when evaluating other people’s work. However, as the same tip states, people should be polite in how they evaluate other people’s work. People have to understand that they can be REAL, tell the TRUTH, and still be polite to others. Thanks for reading and your response.

      1. Maurice,
        I wasn’t in any way suggesting rudeness. Just bluntness. Guess its one of those submime kinda situations between you and me!

        Great article nonetheless.

  2. So what its asking for me to do is tell the truth but be nice about it? Most of the time the truth is not nice. The tips are useful though.

  3. It has helped me in geting better. If the people didnt do that i wouldent know how to get better. These tips have helped me alot.

  4. I think that these tips are good. I think that these tips are healthy. I think that these tips are great for whoever want to read them.

  5. Sum people just be confused of what they do and how they do it.Some people just don’t know what to do in a standardized tests

  6. They are good tips.They tell you a correct way to evaluate a persons paper.So i believe that the tips are great because they help you to evaluate a persons paper in a nicer manner without being rude.

  7. When you evaluate a person’s writing, you have to remember to keep a positive attitude toward your writer. Be honest about the writing and try to be helpful. Let the writer know if they need to improve anything in their passage.

  8. I think these tips are very interesting. I didn’t now if you used the word interesting that your paper would look good

  9. i think that you should evaluate the writings and give reasonable comments and tell the writer the negative and positive things in their writing

  10. They are good tips. They tell good improvement about evaluate and people at work. Tells good response about what they say and tell.

  11. The tips are good. They are telling you if you can’t say anything positive about somebody or something a person has done don’t say anything at all. Always say something nice about someone’s work or something they have done because you wouldn’t want anybody saying something negative about yours.

  12. I honestly think the tip’s was good,they was helpful.I found this hard to do,”Find something positive to say about the work of others, even if you do not like what they have produced.”.Sometimes im very negative on others people work. This will help me improve my evaluating skills.

  13. evauluating peoples work the response tois that they have good writing good understanding and puntuations and if gave a good thesis statement to what the student was writing and they had some helpful thoughts.

  14. Be specific about the comments you make towards someones paper. Be positive, polite, and honest. If you don’t understand something, ask a question about it.

  15. I understand what you’re saying here.You don’t want to be to harsh on them,but you don’t want to sugar code what you’re trying to say.You’re just being honest not mean.

  16. – i Think the tips are great .! . When you are looking over someones paper you should be honest and give positive information . If their paper is bad encourage them to do better .

  17. I think the tips are great. When you are revising someone else’s paper you should always think posotive, and give positive advice.

  18. these tips are wonderful .. ii think when you are evaluating someone’s paper you should find something positive to say about the person’s work and you should also be polite and kind about the person’s work.

  19. I didn’t read it i don’t care bout it but its alright first thng first shout out to Aj aka dave chapelle shout out to robert and da whole wave school shawty.Ima holla at yall im finna watch some scarface

  20. NIce comments. I understand the part about not humiliating someone, but when it is crap, you can’t put that nicely. Sorry. Oh well, the other ones are good. (:

  21. yall the worst kidd .. mr.daniels you let them do and say anythang . LOL WE LOVE YOU THOUGH . ( : #SHOUTOUT TO NOODLES , KENO , RJ , AND AJ ..

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