Antonio Maurice Daniels’s June 2010 Article for Real Bloggers United

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Today, at Real Bloggers United (, my article, “Striving for Miseducation: Many College Students’ Low Expectations,” has been published and featured. I am tremendously thankful that the editors of Real Bloggers United have found my article worthy of being published and featured today. I encourage you to read the article and leave me some comments about the article on my site and/or on the site of Real Bloggers United ( where the article has been published and featured. I look forward to reading your comments about your reactions to my article, “Striving for Miseducation: Many College Students’ Low Expectations.” Have a great day and weekend!


Antonio Maurice Daniels


University of Wisconsin-Madison




  1. Congrats! Revolutionary Paidea on such a groundbreaking feat in the world of blogging. I have been following your blog since you started back in February of this year and let me say that you continuously peek my interest and I’ve had to channel unsettling, unnerving, and unhousing some individuals and their actions on select days. LOL! Well over 30,000 views within 4 months as a” blogging newby” is just the beginning for you. I am looking forward to what is to come and I hope that the blogosphere is strapped in and ready for the ride. KEEP IT COMING!

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